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    Quote Originally Posted by Ayumu View Post
    No, we never used holding builds because those are extremly boring (in your opinion at least). We usually enjoyed the way to the hall a lot more than the hall itself so we had all the utility skills needed to arrive there and cap once but holding more than once or twice was rare.

    But of course I still remember fighting those holding builds on deathmatch maps ... it was boring and took some time but rarly 15 minutes or more. And what's the chance of facing two holding builds on the same map? ... Wait, don't answer that, bloodspike was way too popular at some time. And if you're playing a holding build yourself ... ok, that might take a while, didn't consider that. (And don't worry, I might not be of the true tombs community, but I started a year ago, not a week ago.)

    Anyway, I'm still advertising my original point: Removing 2 teams from this map might reduce jumps on the later maps.
    Well, after for playing that long I'm sure you understand some people no longer so much play for the fun of it, but more so for the raw fame of it. The end goal of HA is to hold halls, since this is the quickest way to make substantially large amounts of fame. For example: One day I made probably somewhere around 2.4k fame in one run, by holding halls. Back in my K A R M A days. Of course, if I told you how you'd think we were cheap little ****s. I don't know if anyone remembers this but a long time ago a Ghostly had to be on a certain spot of the alter to cap, and if he couldn't get there he wouldn't even try to cap. So, what we did was have a Warrior with things like Dolyak Signet, Obsidian Flesh, etc stay in that exact spot of the alter and he'd be all enchanted up... Point is, he never died.. We held all day long regularly. It was quite cheap. But, the point I'm getting at is.. Most people spend what 6 months? A year? Getting that much fame - I made it in 12 hours.

    Something to think about. End result over enjoyment of play. Of course, I actually enjoyed it cause I was Monking and I actually did have stuff to do the entire time, I was nearly the only one that had something to do the entire time. Oh and, we arn't exactly the only ones that ever did that... Much much later, probably even to the time of when pRp was around.. Pravus Phasmatis [Prav] was still abusing that to hold. Of course they didn't have their build designed for it, they just used it when they had to. Their build was like.. Interrupt-way, from what I remember.

    But back not too long ago, if you were running a build like one of Brehon's early choking gas ones. 1 Assassin, 2x choking gas, 3x monks, 1x rit, 1x spirit spammer ranger (I think that was the build...), and come up another team like yours.. Thats going to be a long, long match. (That is if both teams are about the same skill level.)

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    GWOnline.Net Member shardfenix's Avatar

    by "advantage to 6v6"...what do you mean? You lose team members, firepower, defense, positioning...I don't think there are any advantages to smaller teams.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shardfenix View Post
    by "advantage to 6v6"...what do you mean? You lose team members, firepower, defense, positioning...I don't think there are any advantages to smaller teams.
    Not to the team itself, but the whole environment. Easier group formation. Check the OP.

    Also I don't think you really lose firepower, defense, or positioning relative to your opponents in 6v6. All these things are kept; what gets lost is the flavor. Flavor might be stuff like Arcane Languor and exhausting assault. Ritualist offensive spirits. Scourge Healing. Build gurus don't touch that stuff anymore and instead hold onto basic, utility slots like the shock warrior and the two obligatory monks.
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    Imo 6v6 was a lazy way for Anet not to make a new Arena, HA should really not have been touched imo, but since 6v6 was ok during the double fame weekend,I thought id give it a shot. 6v6 when it first came out was ok... it was cool seeing the map changes and stuff but... couple weeks later its really starting to get on my badside. It was bad enough to start seeing 2 people 4 henchies now I cant go one run without running into it. Now im not saying that this isn t what Anet intended but, Ha has really lost that feeling to it of fun and glory for winning a battle or at least to me..My suggestion really would be to revert HA back to 8v8 and bring back burial mounds, but to keep broken the way it is and revert scarred earth back to the way it was. Courtyard being 4 minutes along with halls should both be moved up to 6 minutes also imo. Also if anet doesnt decide to revert the number of players back.. I at least ask them to make it so you need at least 4 real people in your team before you can take heros. Or make another 6v6 arena and leave ha alone ...
    just my 2 cents

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