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Thread: Name Help

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    Name Help

    I'm useless at thinking of names for my chars, does anyone want to help me and come up with a few possible names for a female monk?



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    Mathos Ragnar
    Benya Fremlight

    Anyala Boonwaker

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    Mulan Moonlight
    Ayadea Angelstar

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    Pick a genre.

    Pick some sub stuff.

    click generate until your happy.

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    well if its a first name just go to one of the many name sites out there most of them have lists of names and there meanings form different parts of the world

    go to google and search for names, you could also try a name generator on some of the sites. They have them for every thing from star wars to Lord of the rings sounding names. or try the one posted above ^
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    Cheers for the help, but I decided to take some meanings and see what they were in Chinese... came up with Jia Fu Niu which, translated literally, means "Beautiful Wealthy Girl."

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    A nice name, methinks. What did you use for the translation?

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