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    Account Hi-Jacked.

    Today I had my account hijacked. A little over 600k removed and left with a message saying I needed to change my password to avoid the same fate in the future. Been playing since betas, a lot of work went into making/saving those k's. I don't use any third party programs of any kind. Anyone have similar experiences recently? Might want to change your password if not. I emailed support, with little hope of any resolution. I also don't use the same password for my email that I do for GW. My wife and I are scared to play our new $50 copies of NF, for fear that we'll just get hi jacked again.


    Anyone ever have any luck getting that lost stuff back?

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    Sad to say you have No Chance... theres been a few quite notable thefts/hijackings in teh recent past all with the same end result which is NO result for the victim.

    Sadly theres no support or backup/restore option or insurance provided. Once its gone its gone for good.


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    I'm not aware of any cases where hacked accounts got their gear back, I'm sorry.

    As for playing the game, that really is up to you guys, in the end. Seeing as you've already bought Nightfall, my suggestion would be to get the best you can out of your purchase - play the game. Check for viruses/keyloggers/whatever and then change your password and hope for the best.

    Regardless of what you choose to do, good luck!

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    Eh? Someone took money and then didn't do anything else AND left you a message?

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    if the **** hole who did this only stole your stuff and did not delete your characters, count your self lucky. You can always get new items but once a character is deleted they are lost for ever.

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    I'm quite curious how they left you a message.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fates Monk View Post
    I'm quite curious how they left you a message.
    I think they put it in his guild message window

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    Aurora Glade


    Probably left the message on the guild board? - not sure if non-officers can do that, but that seems likely.

    Be glad they just stole your gold and didn't delete your chars though...

    I think that the reason that you can't get your items back in case of account theft/hijacking is that it would be relatively easy to fake that situation and then claim theft for a refund.

    Shame that what's probably an anti-cheat measure also means that if you get robbed, you lose your stuff permanently.

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    This is the second thread on account hijackings in two days.


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    /worried too, I think ANet should do more

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