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Poll: The Hero Popularity Contest: Male Division!

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    The Hero Popularity Contest: Male Division!

    This is basically a popularity contest where people vote for which Hero they like best. It can be for any reason: uberness, weight problem, dialogue, looks, whatever. Just vote for whichever Hero in the division you like best!

    This is the Male Division. Who will be crowned Hero Popularity King? Will it be:

    The trusty brother, Koss?
    Old man Dunkoro?
    Adolescent Ele, Acolyte Sousuke?
    Necro dude, Olias?
    The Centaur with the NIPPLES, Zhed Shadowhoof?
    Shiro's dad (j/k), Master of Whispers?
    Goren (A.K.A. Homer Simpson)?
    The fat guy, Norgu?
    Or that other person, General Morgahn (Freeman)?

    Vote away!

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    Got to be my favorite helpful, monk Dunkoro. He heals, he helps, he has cool quests for me. Love him.
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    Koss - too much testosteron, although ha has some good quotes
    Dunkoro - my smite/heal monk. good guy
    Sousuke - not maxed ATM, dies a lot
    Olias - my blood necro, drains foes, boosts me and casts nice wells
    Zhed - grumpy Zhed does a good job as my Water Ele now (nice he stopped cast/cancle Deep Freeze)

    Don't have the other guys yet

    Vote goes to Olias, as he is very good at doing his job, with Zhed in second place.
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    When I got Olias I went to the rune trader to see what necro runes were in stock.

    Well, not to my surprise the death runes were sold out at the time - so, I went for a superior curses rune, set him up with desecrate and defile enchantments, shadow of fear and Feast of Corruption and parasitic bonds. Oh, wow... That was fun - he's a great support nuker - big mob groups are softened up quite fast thanks to him, so - he's by far my favourite hero so far...

    Koss - is a decent fighter - so is Goren.

    Haven't tried Norgu - so I don't know about him.

    Dunkoro and General Morgahn are good at what they do - but not that spectacular I think. They're nice additions to my team for support roles, though.

    Master of Whispers - well, I set him up as a blood necro (again, the runes...) with wells of blood and sometimes well of power - he's great for big fights. The wells really help out when there's corpses everywhere.

    So, my vote goes to the necros - specifically, Olias, because I got him first.

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    Goren. He's a nice guy who shows some clever thinking (sometimes) I like his attitude towards problems. and he is less arrogant than koss.

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    Ohh, there so many to vote for...

    To a random MOD
    Could you wrap some "Spoiler"-tags around the title?

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    Master of Whispers for me, I don't have Olias yet.

    Set him up as a MM, instant reinforcements ftw.

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    Sousuke, i just love him :)

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    Olias, bald evil necros ftw!

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    Olias rocks! He's like my own personal minion master. Great for speeding through quests and big mobs.

    Actually, I think I like his minions more than him.

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