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    New Campaign Theme Development: Swamp or Russia

    I have two ideas for a new campaign theme for an upcomming GW release. My ideas are a Louisiana Swamp theme and a theme based on the lands and culture of Russia and Eastern Europe. My delima is that I'm stuck after this. Thought I'd make a thread about it and the comunity could help me develop it.

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    well... must say.. don't like both that much.. as there are already location in Prophcy that is like the two you mention.

    But still would be intereting to see what you can come up with. I am interested in new features that could be associated with it. (or class/race)

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    Wah???? Sawmpland? thats just wierd. They allready have Swamplike areas all over Kryta and the Magumma Jungle. Isn't that enough? It wont just be a swampland theme either, they will probably pull many influences from Jungle cultures such as the Aztecs, Mayans, and pull other Tropical influences to go with this as well, such as African Cultures. It would be a very primitive kind of theme in my opinion.

    A Russian Theme isn't too farfetched. In the Timeline They mention the "Northern areas" and I think that this is the next campaign and will be someplace cold. I think may have alot of English, Norse, Celtic, and Other Northern Influences, such as the Inuit and Russians. The Architecture would be made of massive stone structures like in Tyria, but they wont be anywhere as Gothic. and Stone Structures will have very radial properties.

    As far as the story goes for either of these themes, Anet would probably make their own meanless parrallels between these two to make it unique in their own right. Armor would be way different for the two of these too. Especially the Northern one. Anet would actually be have to make their Eles, necros, and mesmers to wear some Pants for once, or the graphics would make very little sense. The Swamp though, lotsa plant armor, animal skins, wood armor, Armor made of Stone even, or almost no clothing at all, and the eles would be wearing even less.

    As far as enemies go, the North would have lots of Giants, Dragons, monolithic Mooses, etc. The Swamp would have lots of reptiles, Andacondas.

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    Just a thought - Where did Envoy named Herald Demrikov come from? Name appears to be similar to Russian names.
    So maybe atleast some part in some future chapter will be Russian themed.

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    I think Demikrov was Kurzick. Honestly, I could see a Russian/Eastern Europe theme being where the Kurzicks came from before emigrating to Cantha.

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    Two really popular speculations people have had about this are Aztec/Central American, or Nordic.

    I would love to see an all snowy area myself

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    "English, Norse, Celtic, and Other Northern Influences"

    Just so you know, Ascalon pretty much is what it was like in England in Medieval times. England isn't a "cold place in the North".

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    Have one take place in Canada, and all the NPC's say Eh! after a sentence.

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    I would bet on a Celtic/Nordic theme... But i can wait...

    Swamps bring me only one thing into my mind: Mosquitos...

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    Just thought of something while getting food today. If they did do the next chapter in the frozen North above old Ascalon, then it would be awsome if Gwen were a hero. Either make her storyline-centric, or you could make her a super-special hidden hero that you can only get if you've got that cape thing from Pre-Searing Ascalon. Just a thought.

    Quote Originally Posted by NME View Post
    Have one take place in Canada, and all the NPC's say Eh! after a sentence.
    Oh, what are you talkin' aboot, eh? People from da Great White North don't talk like that, eh? XP

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