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    Quote Originally Posted by tepidbroth View Post
    You know, you don't have to read everything everyone says? It used to bug me, but now I just ignore it when I'm in a town. Doesn't bother me at all now. In fact, I sometimes read what people are selling just in case I miss a good deal.

    If it bugs you that much switch off the channels you don't want to listen to.
    The main problem with your fantastic suggestions is that some people want to read the chat in General, stuff like conversations about the game or people looking for groups.

    Unfortunately, people use general for trade spam. You cannot selectively turn off trade spam in the general channel now can you? Or do you know something that we dont?

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    turning off the chat for the win!!

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    I noticed for a while, trade spammers were doing a number add on while they spammed



    My guess is this was to avoid any potential spam filer.

    personally, I think any time you use caps for more then 2/3 of a post that goes beyond 20 letters, it should be considered spam.

    The big question is, how do you consider something to be spam, while preventing any measures taken, to not penalize those who are not outright spamming, but simply talking?
    I know in Lineage2, they have a count on how much a person types, but that seems to penalize legit players who are just long winded or trying to help someone else then it hinders spamsellers.

    The other problem is, say you do come up with a set of protocols that ID someone as a spammer. HOw do you deal with it when they figure it out and adjust thier spamming techniques?

    I fully agree something should be done.
    And the GM team at least goes after swear peoples, especially those who spam it as well.
    But untill a foolproof way of blocking a spammer, and not blocking a person who's just talking is developed, we're just going to have to deal with things.

    Turn off general channel, move to other district, or put person on ignore, and later remove them.

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    I don't usually stay in towns long enough to let the "spam" bother me. The "spam" are usually in the major trade cities though. (e.g. LA, KC)

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    Personally I would welcome an ability to click on a spammers name in the chat window and hit "Ignore for X minutes" option. I usually leave local off for the reason of the OP, but I do like to help newer players when I can, which are often at odds with each other. The other option would be to let us define custom filters, so when we see the new VVTS we can block it.

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    Oh man, I also dislike the spam in major towns. I'm all for an auction house, but they don't even need to go that far. Just create a district board where people can post their wares and selling price, and an NPC can be the portal by which people can see the wares. normally we see at a merch:

    Rune of holding 500 g

    I think it would be awesome if we had teh exact same format, but where someone can put in what they want to sell and for how much, it shows up there, people looking to buy can just go to teh NPC, the sellers name is there to click on so you can whisper and negotiate the price. Heck, this may even stop some scamming attempts. Sure, it'll probably only work for hard cash, but still.

    For every new GW game that comes out, it's because more and more trivial as to why something like an auction house or like this hasen't happened.

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    The trade spam in general is, I think mainly a result of the overflow of garbage in the trade channel. To wit:

    Should I decide to sell an item and being nice I will post a description on the trade channel every now and then. Unfortunely there is so little room there, that if even 5 others are also trying to sell at the same time, and each is also being nice and not spamming, we will start compteing for space. You want your offer to be visible in the chat window, because people are entering and leaving the district constantly, and most will also have other channels turned on that comptete for the sell space.

    Say 10 people are selling or buying at once, hardly an unreasonable number, and the effect is that by necessity you will see the rotation of messages increase. At a certain point it becomes spam, because let's face it; even the most considerate will not allow minutes to pass letting the others have their say. Even without malicious and intentional spamming, you would still have spam.

    Now if sellers would assume that all potential buyers have the trade channel on because they are actively looking for trades, that would be one thing. Alas, most of the sellers assume that their offer is so fantastic that those with the trade channel off simply don't know what they are missing, and if they would only see it, of course they would buy. And so, spam overflows. Alternately, sellers unwilling to spam their offer realise that they must spam or the offer will only be visible for a split second, and therefore use the general chat for their offer.

    Whatever the mythical "trade improvements" that are supposedly coming entail, they need to adress this simple problem: Allow some way for each of 100 people to have their offer or request visible to the other 99 at once for an extended period of time (that is, more than a few seconds).

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    Quote Originally Posted by retromullet View Post
    The only places I find it bad are in LA distric 1, Kaieing dis 1 (not latley), and Kamadan Dis 1.

    Even the HzH and Cavalon dont have much traffic latley.
    What about Droks dis 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by tepidbroth View Post
    If it bugs you that much switch off the channels you don't want to listen to.
    Pretty hard to turn of local chat when your making/joining a PuG.

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    Trade spam outside the trade channel is very, very irritating. People simply don't care how their actions bother others. For those of you who also do not like trade spam in the !All channel, I have one suggestion that I have followed now for over a year;

    Refuse to trade with anyone not using the trade channel...

    I am not a huge trader. I do find it tough sometimes when I see someone offering a good deal in the !All channel. However, I take comfort in the fact that I am doing something about the spam.

    If I have my trade channel turned off, then it is for a reason. It means I don't care about your scale fins, being run to Sanctum Cay (and yes, running offers are trade spam), your fotm inscription, your fotm green item, or your halloween items. Moving all that stuff to the other channels is only going to annoy me and make me less likely to trade with you.

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