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    Anet your time is off or clocks aren't synching...

    I've noticed that since nightfall came out that a few things that are tied to timing are messed up. I don't mean interrupt timing but timing as in how long certain things last or how long the game thinks you've been logged on. Yesterday I logged on and withing 5 minutes I recieved a message saying I've been playing 3 hours to please take a break. I than recieved a message later on taht I have only been playing for an hour.

    I also have noticed taht I am losing some bonuses after recieving them. I do not mean skill bonuses but recieved bonuses from shrines, and before the last mission, and also not recieving moral boosts all the time. Yesterday I was also doing the gates of silence quest, from teh first shrine you recieve a bonus points for killing margonites, than the second shrine in line gives u a bonus for gaven monoliths. Well I recieved these two and somehow they wore off? I had to get them again.

    In the before last mission you can get bonuses from teh 5 gods. All the descriptions show they last for 20 minutes, well I lost almost all of them withing 5 minutes. Does a boss have a bonus removing skill that I should know about? Really it is fn frustrating to take out the time to cap these alters only to lose these nice bonuses right away. What gives?

    Also any1 looking into these crappy lag problems and rubberbanding? I've been playing gw for about 8 months and I've never had it where I am running on the screen, yet my char is stuck by enemeies getting whooped adn I can't do anything about it. THere is lag and than there is this new anet rubberbanding, again what gives? Freakn had it happen to me on the boss in pre last mission fn had him down to 1/4 health and started rubberbanding and nice err 007 code, yet here I am writing this on the forum and didn't even have a ping spike...
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    This reminds me of that one time I logged on to my warrior to get hat from Kamadan, didnt even stay there for 20 minutes and it already said You've been playing 3 hours please take a break. I didnt care. They should add a option to turn that off :)

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    My friend and I are both playing paragons and commented that sometimes our shouts/chants randomly expire before they should.. and when this happens it seems they all just drop simultaneously.

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    Like I said I really noticed it in the gates of madness mission. I had about 10 or soo bonuses and all of a sudden was down to only three bonuses. Made me think if certain some boss removed them lol.

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    I was wondering why Avatar of Balthazar lasted such a short time....

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    This morning played random arenas for some twenty minutes, I was at under the suspicion that it was only about twenty minutish..
    But it said you've been playing for three hours, gtfo or somesuch.
    Of course, as always, I was wrong about the twenty minutes. However now it would seem I wasn't. Or was, but am clinging to these anetdotes from people to ease my fragile esteem. Fragile as in not-the-face! fragile.

    I also always though I just am bad at counting for the effect of Paragon chants or am just overly stupid in the case of chants ending upon skill use.
    Maybe I was wrong here also.
    Should pay more attention.

    BTW, various Prophecies mission bonuses still display the message:
    Secondary Misson completed! .. After a year and over. And there's a typo, was it in a certain Paragon chant, that reads: ..deals +XX damage against foes with more then 50% health. Yeah, Anthem of Envy.
    Not to mention the Manual, riddled with spelling errors, it always amazes me when publications, books, etc have spelling errors, blatant ones at that.
    Don't they have spellcheckers? It's 2008!

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    yes ive noticed the timing bugs as well. Last night my avatar of balthazar lasted for over ten minutes and that certainly helped me out heh heh

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    Ya definitely somthing up with their clock. I did the gates of madness, showed me I did the mission in 25 minutes. I only had 3 god bonuses left, I do have a screenie. SO unless I got to bosses and capped first alter in 5 minutes or less there is no way the bonuses last for anywhere close to 20 minutes like they say. This sux too because the +1 fire magic was nice against these bosses lol

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    same msg when i logged off and selected my monk.
    Almost instantly the msg your playing 3hours.
    Its maybe correct if you count the play time with my para.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkY View Post
    same msg when i logged off and selected my monk.
    Almost instantly the msg your playing 3hours.
    Its maybe correct if you count the play time with my para.
    For those wondering about the "playing for X hours" message, please factor in your previous character playtime if any. Their timing for that particular message is now started at first login or at the start of running Guild Wars in general. Meaning, if you played 1 char for 1h55m, log off, then log in with a different char for an an extra 15m, then you will get a message saying you've played for 2 hours.

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