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We know for a fact the Margonites worshipped all the gods at one time. Just play the Gate of Madness mission.

Anywho, the way I see it, the Seers either A) knew about Abaddon and as Iceflower said, just hate the Mursaat so much they don't care and then want to clean up the mess afterwords, or B) Hate the Mursaat, but don't know about the Titans until they are released.
They weren't called Margonites then. They were just simple humans so of course they worshipped others. It was the time at which Abaddon fell they began to morph somehow into what they are now and plunged the shrines into the Gates Of Madness.

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It struck me that inside the Domain of Anguish, the Foundry of failed creations is the only place with titans in it.

Why is it called the Foundry of Failed Creations? Who are the failed creations...? Do they mean the titans?
Yes, titans are failed creations according to the lore. Supposedly the Charr are too since they worship the titans and Abaddon. Why the Charr aren't there, who knows. But then again, Charr aren't magic infused with the elements... they were living breathings creatures. Hmmm