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Thread: Hippo!

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    Don't know if this has been done, but does anyone know the location of the Nightfall Pygmy Hippo? If not, that's ok, too, but I'm just curious

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    I believe they removed it from the main game and replaced it with the croc

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    You are correct sir.

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    Hmm, well the hippo would have been pretty cool, and give me a good laugh...
    Oh, well, thanks for letting me know.

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    Ya I wanted a killer hippo too.

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    I did to why they took it out is beyond me when I heard about it I was so excited about it.

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    Probably for the same reasons you can't have a panda.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adrianna Of Draken View Post
    Probably for the same reasons you can't have a panda.

    Crocs are protected too.

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    They removed pandas because they have a symbolic and almost religous meaning to them in some countrys. Same reason they altered the crane to a blue rather than red. It has meanings to some cultures. Who knows, maybe we would have offended the hippo clan.

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