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    Secondary Skills

    My idea is to have extra skills on the side (2 to 4) of your main skill bar that would only be for your secondary proffession. This way you can still have all of your regular skills and have room for skills of your secondary proffession and not have to sacrifice any skills of the main proffession.

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    U know the 8 skill format is what makes GW unique right?

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    That directly contradicts a central principle of the game. You are meant to be limited to 8 and only 8 skills, regardless of where you take them from.

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    Yes, it's hard for peeps to get used to...but the 8 skill limit isn't an arbitrary limitation or the result of poor coding by ANet devs.

    Less is more.

    In WoW I had around 40+ buttons spread out on 4 bars, not counting special bars that popped up when certain conditions were met, but Tyria is a different world. :)
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    my skill bar is just fine how it is. I don't want the devs spending countless months rebalancing the entire game to accomodate a larger one. It's not broken, so I don't need them to fix it.
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    The balance of the whole game would be thrown off by doing this. It's like raising the level cap, it just wouldn't work. I know it sounds crass, but you'll just have to suck it up and get used to only having 8 skills.

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    As a new player coming from other online games, it usually takes a while to fully appreciate the Guild Wars philosophy and system.

    It's pretty radical.

    (Not a WoW bash)

    In WoW it was all about the gear and the loot drops. All told, I had 120 different UI Mods installed, some doing things as simple as auto-emoting when my mana was low and other mods that would automatically scale the rank of my spells.

    And having 40+ spells and abilities on multiple bars was a blast, even though you seldom used more than 4-5 of those abilities in a give situation.

    Now, I'd be lying if I said I didn't think that was neat; but there was a price to be paid for all that.

    I'm convinced all that heavy script running had to contribute to the lag issues.

    Additionally, everything started to become highly inflated. Gear kept getting more and more buffed making current gear obsolete.

    Also, I recall getting one or 2 shotted a lot by other players and from what I have seen in Guild Wars that doesn't happen very often.

    The worst part about it was the large amount of raid time you had to spend to get that gear, the same gear that would be overshadowed soon by other dungeon gear.

    People complain about the Sunspear Promotion Point "grind" in Nightfall; it makes me chuckle when I remember all the Faction/Reputation grinds in WoW.

    OK, my babbling is over. ;)

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