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    Complain about something stupid!

    Ah yes, we've all seen the incredibly lame attempts at bashing Anet for small flaws in their game. Some of the complaints point out the true and annoying aspects in the game, whilst others you just laugh at.

    "OMG! I ACTULy Hab tu manuallly atak? Anet is forcin mi tu plai! /ragequit"

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    get ready to be flamed avoc :S

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    I have to actually click on a sign to read it??


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    The Charr look so fluffy and adorable... why do we have to be enemies? ... =(

    (Ok, really lame attempt, but that was the first that popped into my mind )

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    GW is stupid. All the rushers want money to rush me to the end, and to get money I have to do stuff...

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    Why is there money in GW!!!! why cant everything be free!!!! one! one! one! OMG

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    why are we even friggin playing its game!! xO

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    y dunt mai wamo g3t thos3 c00l tatooz?

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    I hate the fact that A-net is too lazy to add Elves, and little ponies to ride!

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    ZOMG i can't change my character's name! >.<

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