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Thread: 15^50 dilemma

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    15^50 dilemma

    Does 15^? affect Combo damage too? if not I won't bother with it and grab energy+5 instead

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    it doesn't affect the bonus +X damage on dagger skills. But why not use it, it's not like you need +5 energy? For most builds, using 13 crit, anyway.

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    Yea, but +15% is 8-20 on daggers, I don't really consider this worthwile, while I can just have the extra energy, which can actually save my life in a battle someday..

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    Customise the daggers and put it to 16 dm and you'll have 11-26

    If you want to go for maximum spike damage, which is what you should do for an Assassin, every point is worth it.

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    I'll grab a 15^enchanted with Fox's Promise..

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    Take both. Use the 15>50 most of the time. Swap to the +5E when you need extra E or when you have heavy DP.

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