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    Materials for 15k Primeval armor?

    can anyone tell me.

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    Got Wiki?

    Sorry, couldn't resist :D

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    * Hood: ? {Material One}, ? {Material Two}, 15K gold
    * Robes: ? {Material One}, ? {Material Two}, 15K gold
    * Vambraces: ? {Material One}, ? {Material Two}, 15K gold
    * Leggings: ? {Material One}, ? {Material Two}, 15K gold
    * Shoes: ? {Material One}, ? {Material Two}, 15K gold

    yeh... i checked before i made this thread.

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    Lots of Bone

    Many Elonian Squares

    Pretty much the same ratio as other two item requirement 15k armors

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    I remember it to be tons of Bone and quite a bit of Steel?

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    :(..... does anyone know the exact?

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    400 Bone
    40 elonian leather squares

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    Yea, 15k Primevil is gonna be really cheap. The 15k makes it sound intimidating, but really, it is so much cheaper than vabbian. Can't wait to finish the game and switch from vabbian 5k to primevil :)

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    i cant wait either.... btw other than black, what other dye makes it look good.

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    i did a blue green mix and really liked the way it turned out.....when you dye it black you miss out on all the gradiants of the armor that really make it look good

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