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    Cool What do I need to buy?

    Ok, so I am interested in playing GW. I know there have been expansions released for the base game. The latest seems like it's Nightfall.

    To get the most current version of the game plus all previous expansions, do I buy Nightfall? Or is that just an expansion pack? If it is just an x-pack, what do I need to buy to get everything else? I hope I don;t have to buy the base game and every x-pack separately.

    Please let this clueless person know what to do. Thanx.


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    each expansion is a stand alone game if you get nightfall you only play in elona. there is no pre reqs for each game except for you computer

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    Well, I recommend getting all the Chapters, but if that's not doable then consider what profession you are most interested in and plan accordingly:

    Nightfall: Dervish/Paragon & all core

    Factions: Ritualist/Assassin & all core

    Prophecies: Warrior/Monk/Elementalist/Mesmer/Ranger/Necromancer (these are core)

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    Buying any of the chapters will allow you to play with all of the GuildWars community. Not having a chapter means not having access to its campaign, professions and skills. If you only buy Prophecies, you may not travel to Elona or make a Dervish or an Assassin. However, everyone else may still play with you.

    If you plan on being competitive in PvP, you need all of the chapters. I'd buy all three anyway, but if you can only buy one it should be Prophecies or NightFall because of the large number of useful skills.

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