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    A Guide for maintaining your own guild! (With Pictures)

    Hello everyone, i am homefry.

    Recently on Guild Wars many of my friends have asked how to create and maintain a good guild.
    I always reply " Guys i'm no guru, but starting out with my guild i think that there are a few things that you Should do "

    Where to go

    To Create a guild, it will cost you 100 gold coins. Heres a list of a few places i know of where to go:

    Pre-Searing Ascolon
    Destroyed AScolon
    Lions Arch
    Kanieng Center
    Kamadan, Jewel Of Istan

    Thats just a few, i will try to remember more as i go on.
    When you create a guild you have a 2 choices, the name and the tag. The name of the guild shows up on your guild list at the top.

    The tag is when you see someones name such as Teucer The Archer [LaZy] You may capitalize any letter in the tag but it must only be 4 letters. The name can be anything, i could be something humorous like The Lazy Couch Potatoes or i could be something more tough like The Crusaders Of Guild Wars.

    Now you can talk on guild chat.

    Your Cape

    A cape is your guilds personal logo, designed only by you, your officers Can't change this. This does cost 2000 gold coins.

    The cape of your guild can be anything that you are able to select.
    This Picture is a screen-shot of the " Guild Emblemer " And just some of the various things you can do to your guild cape.

    And Also a picture of my guys guild cape.

    You Have Choices to take off the cape such as:
    Hide in Towns and Outposts
    Always Hide
    Always Show
    Hide in Combat Areas

    A Guild Hall

    Your guild hall is a personal place your guild can meet, chat, trade, buy Npc's guild battles and MORE!

    Here is a picture of the guild halls the " Guild hall guy " will take you to.

    To purchase a guild hall you must by a celestial sigil in the guild hall you go to, although the prices may vary.

    An Alliance

    You will need a faction to join an alliance, everyone in the alliance has the same faction as you, either Luxon or Kurzick, To get these you must own the game Factions.

    A group of guild's banded together to fight evil, this is where all players can talk and chat on that are in your guild and/or the alliance guilds. Once you have the hall, the cape, and well of course to guild this is the next step.

    (note) the alliance i'm in just worked on cleaning out unwanted guilds.

    Roster, Status, And Guest

    When Clicking " G " to enter your guilds little screen these thumbnails (not including alliance) have reasons.

    Roster The roster is everyone who's in your guild, and as a guild leader you can promote, demote, designate, and kick people.

    Promoting: To raise up to another rank. Example: Member to officer.
    Demoting: To lower in rank. Example: Officer to member.
    Designating: to assign as guild leader. Example: Member/officer to leader
    Kicking: To give someone the " Boot " out of your guild.

    Status To see who's quit, joined, and been promoted in the guild and alliance. Also for spreading a message so everytime a guild member logs on they get the news.

    You and officers can edit this.

    Guest If your a guest into someones guild, which allows you to go into their guild hall.

    Getting Members

    Start out by getting some trustworthy friends to promote to officers, if you notice 2 of the officers in my picture are close friends of mine.

    Then if they're new, just talk them over the basic rules.

    When advertising don't write something like this:

    guild reqruiting mems pm me.

    Whats wrong? Recruiting is spelled wrong, nothing is capatilized, members and " pm " me are both abreviated and it tells nothing about your guild.

    Write something like this:

    [LaZy] Recruiting active, loyal members. We have Cape, Guild Hall, 3 Guild Alliance, 11 Members, and We Are Luxon. Please Message if intersted.

    Now it gives a breif overview of your guild, tells a bit about it, tells the tag, capatilized items, spelled right and more.


    As menchoned earlier you need a Luxon or Kurzik faction to enter a guild alliance and gain faction.

    You must make it to either Calvon (Luxon) or House Zu Heltzer (Kurzick) to obtain a Luxon or Kurzik faction.

    You need 5000 faction for either to become that faction. Gain this faction during quests and missions their.

    Warning: if you become luxon then you cannot talk to kurzick npc's and same if you were kurzick you cannot talk to luxon npc's

    Summing It Up

    Well thats about it. My guild isn't the most succesfull but im trying but just some words of wisdom.

    " Never Give Up "

    Note that making a guild dosent cost to much, just some time and friends.

    I hope this helped you,

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    The pictures need to be resized, as it's stretching the text out past the edge of the page, and it would help if certain key words had a more accurate spelling, like "Ascalon."

    For anyone who's new to guilds, I'd like to bring it to your attention that you can also join a pre-existing guild. A good resource for this is the Guild Recruitment forum, found here.

    Keep in mind that if you go there, a good guild is going to want a certain level of skill and maturity.

    If you can't find a decent guild who will accept you, you can follow the same example as him. Generally even brand new players won't have that problem though, so you should definitely look around first. As long as you can count to five and not spout off random profanities, you'll find a friendly guild who will accept you
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    I believe Shing Jea Monestary also has a Guild Registrar.

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    Azrael STX and homefry, what ever is going on between you two...chill.

    Decent guide homefry. I must be tired because at first I thought the title said a guide to maintaining your own guide...I was like...wow people are running out of guides to write about. But then I read it and realized it said guilds...silly me...

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    I made my own guild solely because I wanted control of what the cape looked like. The flaming skulls didn't really fit my monk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xandlyn View Post
    Azrael STX and homefry, what ever is going on between you two...chill.

    Decent guide homefry. I must be tired because at first I thought the title said a guide to maintaining your own guide...I was like...wow people are running out of guides to write about. But then I read it and realized it said guilds...silly me...
    Yes'm, sorry ^_^

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    I think this is an exellent guide homefry. You've put alot of work into it and I can see it being very useful to newcomers to the game. It answers alot of questions newcomers often have about guilds. Maybe this should be stickied.
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    I'm sorry with you to azrael.

    Pretty funny you thought it was a guide about writing guides =p!

    I hope this helps newcomers...cause it's terrible to create your own guild and not know much about it. Also some people make guilds just because they make tags or capes for themselves.

    Anyways happy gaming,

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    Just to note....some of those pictures in hall include all the chapters, which includes Nightfall.

    Happy gaming,

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    Out of past experiance (on euro servers):

    if you recruit someone randomly in a town, there is about 60-70% chance that he will leave the guild within 2 days if people do not lend him money.

    I find the best way to recruit, is not to get random people, but people you meet in missions. If randomly recruiting set an age limit, say 20. This limit can be broken for people you meet in missions who seem nice.
    From past experience also: real women (ie seak to them on TS or meet in RL) generaly do not leave so easily. I don't know why this is, but i have noticed it.

    IN general beware of players aged less than 14 and only have a w/mo. I know this sounds prejudiced, but its what I have noticed.

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