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Thread: Riseh's Wand

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    Riseh's Wand

    Hey everyone! I found this today "Riseh's Wand" in Nightfall
    I tried looking at pricing at various sites but none have this listed. Any suggestions on what this should be priced?

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    GWOnline.Net Member RachWu's Avatar

    Probably round 5-10k, seeing as it does not give alot besides the energy bonus :P

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    GWOnline.Net Member ShaneOmac's Avatar

    nice 55 weapon :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShaneOmac View Post
    nice 55 weapon :P
    No, it's not. 20% Enchant is almost mandatory for 55ing.

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    It's a spiffy looking weapon switch to two-hit (potential one-hit) the Dying Nightmares. Otherwise, not a heck of a lot of use. Especially since the primary benefit of a one-hander is indeed the enchanting mod. Mise well use a staff otherwise.


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