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    lol a new record!

    So.. i decided to pay a visit to Fort Aspenwood after a long long time. What do i see?

    7 leechers on Luxon side. That's right, we come outside of the fort, and there's like... no one there. Dead. Then a bit later one luxon warrior appears. The other seven luxon players kept leeching.

    Yeah you could say "hey, at least you won", but i dont play just to win, i play to have fun. Running amber whole battle with no resistance is.. sorry, boring, im better off farming something then in PvE. There are games i lose and still have fun playing. Leechers, on either side... sigh. Some people are so greedy, there's nothing they wouldnt do for a lil bit money.

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    I couldn't agree even more. Leechers...well....you know...
    Got 5 leechers last time on luxon..

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    well I doubt it will get any better :(

    only way this will stop is if they find a more profitable place to leech imo

    soon they will be know has fort leech and leech quarry.

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    There are no more profitable/easier places to leech. Here, it's like having a bot, yet ANet wont delete you. Aint that great?

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    Why do they leech? For Jade? It's near worthless. For faction farming while afk? Hmm, maybe. I don't really get the appeal.

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    It's not worthless. Even if you leech for amber, you still get some money. Remember, no money is worse than little money. If you're studying on the bed or reading a book, why wouldnt you at the same time earn money for free, if you can? Hey, 10k is 10k. Most leechers i see leeching for months. To be honest, my assumption is that some got over 500,000 gold with leeching. With zero effort invested.

    You can also use it for faction farming.. controlling of pve towns, or just getting Friend of Kurzicks/Luxons title. If you want to get this title the proper way, you need to grind a lot. Why grind a lot when you can just afk leech for free, and press Enter Battle once in 10-20min. No big deal.

    Leeching is great. I would leech myself if morality allowed me.

    It's sad ANet couldnt care less about this issue.

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    they care but give ideas on how to get rid of them?

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    ANet doesn't care. There are numerous threads with several suggestions to solve this problem. To date, ANet has never replied in any of those threads. And there have been no game modifications to solve this problem The closest ANet reply I've seen is a response from ANet support implying AFK'ing isn't a bannable/punishable action.

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    Actually no. The closest thing to official reply was a statement from Gaile: "we dont see leechers as a problem". On this very forum. But im too lazy to search that thread again, the statement has been repeated in like every leechers forum.

    And yea, there have been numerous suggestions but you cant solve the issue by merely making suggestions if no one actually wants to fix it.

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    Once in ab, the other 3 ppl on my team left, then the whole of another team left. So down to 5? Nope the last remaining full team, had a leecher. 4 v 12 Whoooo!

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