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    The following scenario happens a lot in AB recently.

    Before mission starts, you are in a team of 2, and your team leader just add random ppl madlly to get the counter started. Either he or she is so good at running the bars that carried (I respect these players), and knows how to win even without any help (usually it won't happen); or that's a big fat leecher(4 out of 10, correct me if i'm wrong).

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    I once played an Aspenwood match as a Kurzick that had on the Luxon side:

    * two leechers
    * two leavers
    * one W/Rt Vengeful Was Khanei farmer who'd apparently gotten lost on his way to the UW
    * and three players who tried :/

    It'd be funny if it wasn't sad.

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    Better get in my AB team, I play for win.

    See more about it in my stupid blog!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dawn rain View Post
    ANet doesn't care. There are numerous threads with several suggestions to solve this problem. To date, ANet has never replied in any of those threads. And there have been no game modifications to solve this problem The closest ANet reply I've seen is a response from ANet support implying AFK'ing isn't a bannable/punishable action.
    Anet hasnt properly supported this game since Proph. They are a joke.

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