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    Make hero farming actually viable

    22 runs at Colonel Custo


    total take after my heros stole everything was a lousy 400g and a few white items.

    On 22 attempts if the damn thing droped 4 times with the triple drop weekend I should have seen it once... but nope. When I go with real people they all get the drops.

    In the entire history of the game I have gotten four green drops. What luck... I want to see the f'in algorythm they have... I sense it rewards Monks, Warriors and Elese disproportianately.

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    Are you saying the Monks, Warriors, and Elementalists get more drops? Because my monk has the same problem as you... and it's the only character I have through Nightfall right now, and I'm not getting any greens this weekend :(

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    Anti-farming code reduces your drops as you repeatedly slay the same enemies in the same area. We don't know exactly how it works, but doing the same area over & over (22 times) will get you garbage.

    Regardless of whether they are heroes, other players, henchmen, or if you do it solo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Celtor Dunough View Post
    I sense it rewards Monks, Warriors and Elese disproportianately.
    What? Far from it. I've been playing about 8 months and I've only got hold of about 6 greens ever - 3 of which were Shing Jea and one being a Canthan endgame shield. And this is all on my main which is... [drumroll] ...a Warrior.

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    22 runs, 4 drops would be 1/5 chance of dropping...

    If there was a 1/5 chance of dropping there is a 67% chance that you get a drop in 22 runs. That's a decent chance, but I'd hardly complain if you didn't get one.

    Look, here's how you do it. Kill everything but the boss, send the heroes outside your radar, until their names are grey'd out, then solo the boss. Then they can't steal your green.

    So far in nightfall I've gotten 2 greens. Both were mesmer offhands. Then again, I haven't tried any farming yet.

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    heh, i think you're not the one that may complain.
    i just had 1 green that is not even max dmg, some kind of weak hammer.

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    The green drops seem to vary from boss to boss for me. I can get Lunto's Pincers, Nightbringers, and Mindclouders on practically every other run, whereas the Skybringer has dropped only once in about 20 solo runs.

    I wonder if there is some sort of supply/demand thing affecting drops of certain greens. I dunno, just thinkin' while the data archive repair continues.

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    IMO, they have made hero farming very viable by allowing you to flag your heroes far far away after you take out everyone in the group except the boss you want to kill. That way all chances of a drop go to you. But yeah, don't farm the same boss over and over, that just makes it less likely each time you go out that you'll get it.
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    U asking Anet to make farming viable?? are u sure u know what u saying? Rembember that Anet is not that fond of farming. SUre they give us high drop rate weekends for you guys to farm stuff but thats a way to overload the market with items so the prices get lowered and farming is not required. Just hush about farming remember they see this. Try to kill diferent stuff before killing your target there is the "anti-farm code" lurking everywhere. oh, what i mean by diferent things is do a run in 1 map then do a run in other map. it is safer like that, you are not going to activate "the code" that way.

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