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    New Dii Members!!

    Well, the votes have been tabulated & the results are in!

    Let me be the first to welcome Asur Kyshen, ruin of the divine, and Lensor (or better known as Straight N Arrow) to Dii.

    Glad to have you 3 on board with us!

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    Congratulations to those that got in :)

    As my two trial weeks have passed 2 days ago I think soon will be decided whether I get in..... (though I don't think they'll be that positive, cause I haven't really done that much in the trial weeks :()

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    Congrats New Comrades!!!

    it is an honor to have you all officially inducted into the Order of Dii! i look forward to hanging with you!!

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    The Order of Dii [Dii]

    Congratulations new members...

    There's something in the super-secret forum bylaws (do a search) regarding pacifiers, tricycles, big sunglasses and the drive-thru at McDonald's, so be ready.

    Great to have all of you onboard! Look forward to congratulating you in-game, as well!

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    The Order Of Dii [Dii]

    Thank you.

    See you in game

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    Congrats and welcome.

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    It's awesome to be accepted, thanks to all of you that voted to keep me in, and I'll look forward to contributing to the guild in any way I can.

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    Grats to all of you. Hope to see yu on alliance chat some more
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    Hey guys

    I really appreciate u guys voting for me, and I hope i can be of good use to Dii and to the Alliance. Nice to be a part of the Team. Thanks Guys.

    Talk to u all Later.

    Red (Ruin Of The Divine)

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    aww, red is so classy....

    great work inductees! now, did we mention this is like a frat house and you must be our slaves for a month?



    *zimmy whispers in demi's ear*


    what!? what kinda bs is that!?


    *more whispers*

    what do you mean it is a chuck norris copyright infringement!?


    chuck norris went to college?!



    apparently, i cannot lie/blackmail you new guys, so i cannot force you to be my Asian-sweatshop farmers for greens.

    dammit..... thrawted again by chuck norris, Mr. T is gonna hear about this....

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