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    Amazing landscapes!

    I have always been a great admirer of the landscape artwork in GW, and it just gets better!

    It started out when I, 1 1/2 year ago, took my first stumbling steps out in Pre-Sear Ascalon, and it just continued! Dragon Gully, Shiver Peaks, Kryta, Maguma, the Desert...I often had to stop and just look around on all the tiny details that made it plain awesome.

    When I went inside Sorrows Furnace it really took my breath away. Those caves are really a visual treat!

    When I first came to Shing Yea's Lagoon area, I almost had tears in my eye's. So beautiful - steep cliffs, grass covered hills, blue ocean, cherry blossoms and not at least, hovering seagulls! That one still scores very high for me. On the Cantha mainland the Mourning Veil Falls in southern Echowald is one of my favorits.

    I thought it would be very hard to top all that I had seen before, but ANet really delivers. The Savannahs and of course the exotic Vabbi are highlights I will visit many times just for the landscapes! The Torment area is maybe not "beautiful" but very distrurbing in a scary way.

    I have to say that walking around in the game landscape and watch the details, is for me an import part of GW.


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    GWOnline.Net Member Azgalon's Avatar

    Yes Bunny!

    Great scenery! Vabbi is very nice, feels like yer there right in the middle, sweatin in the heated desert! :D

    Have to cool off at the Fountain of Lyss!

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    GWOnline.Net Member Lais Irideika's Avatar

    Cloudbunny, I commend you on a very nice delivery that gives due tribute to the artists of GW who create these breathtaking and all so different landscapes. You've basically said it the way most of us feel it when we take a look at the scenery out there...

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    I second it, lovely

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    GWOnline.Net Member Kjentei's Avatar

    Definetly, I'm still shivering about the Realm of Torment

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    GWOnline.Net Member Jijimuge's Avatar

    So true...the landscape art in GW can be breathtaking!

    And it's even better now that we have the new hero "flag" system which we can use to tell heroes/henchies to "Move out of shot please!" when taking piccies.

    One of my faves is "The Falls" in Tyria - the waterfalls (especially the western one IMO) are just stunning.

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    Yea, the scenery in Guild wars is just fantastic, helped me get a few friends into the game :)

    I just love Prophecies, still just moving the camara around to look at stuff there.

    I agree on the Factions starter island, it was also very good, however after that it isn't really my taste anymore.

    In Nightfall I'm loving everything I come accross so far, can't wait to get to the end game ;)

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    I agree pre-sear ascalon was stunning. Unnfortunately I am still in the Ascalon "wasteland" so I haven't really seen the amazing landscapes yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spawnofthesith View Post
    I agree pre-sear ascalon was stunning. Unnfortunately I am still in the Ascalon "wasteland" so I haven't really seen the amazing landscapes yet.
    I envy you, so much yet to come, and leaving the Ascalon area for a new terrain was one of those memorable moments in the game.

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    Definately graphics in GW is amazing! Pre-Ascalon Northlands was always one of my favorites. The vadis (almost dried riverbeds) in the Crystal Deserts, are also very, very nice. Eastern frontier sky is amazing, and with those ruins, it makes a wonderful screen cap region. Mineral Springs has some very nice wintery sceneries. Mount Qinkai and Shing Jea island I love most in Cantha.

    Sceneries is nice. Only I wish NPCs would belong to the sceneries as well (tend their gardens and livestock, pray at the temples and such). Generally villages could be improved to look more.... real.

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