I have always been a great admirer of the landscape artwork in GW, and it just gets better!

It started out when I, 1 1/2 year ago, took my first stumbling steps out in Pre-Sear Ascalon, and it just continued! Dragon Gully, Shiver Peaks, Kryta, Maguma, the Desert...I often had to stop and just look around on all the tiny details that made it plain awesome.

When I went inside Sorrows Furnace it really took my breath away. Those caves are really a visual treat!

When I first came to Shing Yea's Lagoon area, I almost had tears in my eye's. So beautiful - steep cliffs, grass covered hills, blue ocean, cherry blossoms and not at least, hovering seagulls! That one still scores very high for me. On the Cantha mainland the Mourning Veil Falls in southern Echowald is one of my favorits.

I thought it would be very hard to top all that I had seen before, but ANet really delivers. The Savannahs and of course the exotic Vabbi are highlights I will visit many times just for the landscapes! The Torment area is maybe not "beautiful" but very distrurbing in a scary way.

I have to say that walking around in the game landscape and watch the details, is for me an import part of GW.