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    GWOnline.Net Member Seef II's Avatar

    Guild Wars is a very pretty game. I remember exploring the beaches in the Gates of Kryta and thinking wow. Then came Haiju Lagoon. Anet then made Mehtani Keys. Yep, it keeps getting better.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Ryuchan's Avatar

    I recently went to score the last 7 chests for my rank 3 treasure hunter by spending 3 luxon and 4 kurzick keys i had found previously on my ranger.

    Going back to those areas after being in NF almost exclusively the last few weeks really made me go : "ohhhh, purrrrdy!! " again..

    Gotta love the scenery, anywhere in any of the games :)

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    A few of my favorites...

    i apologize to any angry 56k'ers..

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    GWOnline.Net Member BunnyLord's Avatar

    GW never fails when it comes to art, especially landscapes. They have the best artist, imo, that can create wonders without sacrificing too much space.

    If you are an art appreciator, you will easily get lost because of the beautiful scenery.

    Top Spots by Continent:

    Dragons Gullet - tar lake, murals of Gods
    Mineral Springs - bright lights, peaceful mountain
    Stingray Strand - where you can view the floating castle.
    The Falls - hidden treasure, water falls
    Arid Sea - collosal statue at the center, cliff where you can view everything

    Kinya Province (northern most part) - view of the ocean and sea rocks, view of the dam
    Undercity - this reminds me of the 'old New York' from Futurama
    Silent Surf - haunting scenery of the frozen sea
    Mourning Veil Falls - again a hidden treasure

    Plains of Jarin - completely captures the African safari
    Forum Highlands and Vehtendi Valley (Vabbi - breath taking landscapes and temples
    The Alkali Pan - this place just gives me goosebumps

    I haven't been to many places yet in Elona. Hopefull I'll keep experiencing the greatness.

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    The best places are the Foerest and Jade Sea in Cantha

    Tyria..would be Pre Searing, Shiverpeaks (if ur a first timer then its REALLY magical), and yea..ALOT of otehr places >>

    Elona..havent been there yet :s

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    presearing: love the whole thing
    shiverpeaks: love the whole thing. It really feels like I'm high in the sky on top of some mountain passage in some areas.
    Maguuma: the densely packed forest areas are nice
    Crystal desert: the wide open spaces are awesome, my favorite part, though, is the occasional valleys, expecially the entrance to destiny's gorge from skyward reach.

    Kaineng city: sometimes it's boring, sometimes it's really neat to have all sorts of people standing around, with all the different buildings mixed in. It is one of two places in any RPG sort of game that actually felt like a big city for me. (Ironforge was the other one)

    Petrified forest: the architecture is nice, plus the forest near streams is very nice looking. Arborstone and mourning veil falls are up there for my favorite good looking zones in the game.

    Jade sea: I like how the sea actually feels like waves stuck in place, many times when doing the boreas seabed mission I'v caught glimpses of the ocean and though those were actual waves moving in, rather than just being frozen. Looking at the sea with good graphics improved it heavily also, as it added the sheen on the sea that gave it a glassy, partially see through look.

    shing jea island was also good, between Kryta and pre-searing.

    Elona overall did a nice job of mixing several different terrain features into each region. I like the transitions on the plains of Jarin in istan, Kamadan is cool looking with the surrounding jungle, the Dejarin estate is neat to see with its green areas next to desert, and of course Vabbi is nice with it's occasional green mixed in with the brown desert, and of course it' palaces are great looking as well. I haven't been to desolation or realm of torment yet, so can't comment on those areas.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Whipcream's Avatar

    I can still think of two moments in Guild Wars that really stuck out for me when I first went through them. The first was exiting the cave at Iron Horse Mine, where the snow effects kick in just as you leave. The second was the north-northwest part of Abaddon's Mouth, where you can look out at the ocean and see the waves braking and the shipwrecks. Even members of my group commented on how well Guild Wars looked at that shot. I'm glad that working on the cartographer title has allowed me to see so much.

    Me and my sister always make sarcastic comments how Guild Wars just doesn't compare to EverQuest 2 in the graphics department.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jugalo Dano View Post
    A few of my favorites...

    i apologize to any angry 56k'ers..
    omg i love the second one where did u take the shot at?

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    best sceneries for me
    all of shing jea island
    all of pre searing prophicies (wish i culd take my assassin to this place... sigh)
    all of elona's newcomer island and vabbi - simply beautifull god.. first time i saw it i took like 100 screenshots
    basically all the new comer areas just beautiful landscapes, after your off the new islands it gets worst imo, story sorta twists into a nightmare landscape. except for factions though.

    edit : acually i like all 3 campaigns landscapes , except for the ring of fire and the vortex realm in elona. but altough it does add a nice mix to GW
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    GWOnline.Net Member Lost Soul's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Minionman View Post
    shiverpeaks: love the whole thing. It really feels like I'm high in the sky on top of some mountain passage in some areas.
    Snake dance in particular is good for that. Seeing the vast snowy chasms, kinda reminded me of LotR, with is wonderful New Zealand scenery.

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