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    Are there any wild Dire Crocs?

    I've got my heart set on a Dire Crocodile, and the game seems just as set against me getting one. Tried the rezz shrine technique on one in the bog, and I can not get it to the shrine without dying to the other various mobs. I've been trying the mino route, but they keep getting on the pet and not me.

    So, are there any Dire Crocodiles somewhere out there that I can race to?

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    Don't be a lazy pile of ****. Go work and train your pet. Then in the end you will feel better.

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    Don't forget pets can have DP now - so Dire with it's lower life is not that great any more.


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    I don't PvP, so pet DP has no impact on me. I'm looking for higher damage to compliment my build. Maybe once it happens in PvE I will rethink my pet choice, but that won't be untill they put in pet controlls- and that will be sometime after pigs are granted flight.

    Adrianna Of Draken- that was way, way out of line. You really make the community look good there.

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    WTF is your problem? I didn't insult you. Hell I even said, "In the end you will feel better," meaning that you will be proud that you worked and raised that little baby croc, into a man eating machine!

    Sheesh if I offended you I offer these two choices:

    A)Lighten up Francis!
    B)I'm sorry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adrianna Of Draken View Post
    WTF is your problem? I didn't insult you.
    Yes, calling someone a "lazy pile of ****" is not in any way an insult.

    As per my origional question- after the reception I got here I found my answer elsewhere. I shall now go and grab an Elder Croc from some unfortunate Heket and bypass six hours of mindless grinding to bypass hours of boring grinds. Guild Wars has enough time sinks already.

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    Cool it you two.

    I don't think there's a wild dire croc.. use that pet killing you trick to fast lvl your pet=]

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