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    text duration time slider in options suggestion

    hey guys whats up?

    i would like to see a text slider in options that would make the duration of time the text stays up on the screen longer and shorter. i know alot of text gets added to the chat log which i can read afterwards if i miss something, but i enjoy it more reading things as there being said. and also sometimes npcs and heros and henchman and stuff say things above there heads that doesnt get added into the chat log that i miss sometimes or dont get to read it all before it dissapears. i think this is kind of annoying because i feel like ive missed some important part of the storyline or something about the game lore that would just be helpful or entertaining information. so i would like to see this option added into the game as a slider option or something that would decrease and increase the amount of time text stays up on the screen thanx.
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    Simple good addition, I do not think it would be hard to add either as text would already have a display timer.

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    i still would like to see this option added into the game please thanx.

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    Soul Train, bumping is bad for your health

    Trust me, I've seen what happens when peeps do that.

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    oh sorry i didnt realize i did bump this post. i was gonna make a new post about it but i just figured id bring this one back for more discussion on the subject instead of making a new post.

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