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    Do you laugh when other people laugh?

    Test yourself by watching this:


    I sure know I cant help laughing :D

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    I often enough don't need a reason to laugh, to do so.

    However, I can't say I found that at all funny.

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    i laughed for the first few seconds, but thaT laugh sure got annoying quickly. i was shocked because i figured this was going to be the video about the japanese guys getting beaten every time they laughed.

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    I definitely could not help laughing ^^

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    I couldn't help it! I laughed!

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    All I can say is LOL

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    I hate babies. Not funny tbh.

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    scaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaary! :S

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    Quote Originally Posted by clockworkjames View Post
    I hate babies. Not funny tbh.
    You were once a baby.

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    If that was my kid, I would laugh. But its not, so I didnt. Cute kid though.

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