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    how much does weapon skill effect dmg?

    i was just using a golden war hammer with 19-34 req.11 and 15% while enchanted(almost always enchanted with vigorous spirit) and +29 health, when i had this hammer i was running around with 8(+1 from helm) hammer mastery, lvl 14

    i didnt really like the skin so i bought a Victo's Maul with 19-35 15%^50 and +30 health and a req. 8, put one more in hammer mastery for 9

    started a quest in lions arch and went out and killed some fire imps and EVERYTIME i hit them i was for 50-60 (with the war hammer i was getting like 10-15), and i dont have any +dmg hammer skills becasue i am running a knockdown holy strike build(i would have used irresistible blow but i forgot to put it on there)

    so my question is: how much does hammer mastery affect my dmg because that is just an insane diffrence, or is it because those imps have like negative armor?

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    because your last hammer had req 11 hammer mastery and the highest you had was 9 on your character the hammer couldnt be used at its maximum damage which on that one was 19-34 but when you baught and used the victos maul which had a hammer mastery req of 9 which you could meet you got to use the full damage amount

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    Your mastery rank is the most important thing affecting your weapon damage. Get it as high as you can, anything less than 12 is gimping your damage.

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    if you dont meet the req of the weapon, you get gimped dmg. i dont even know why you were using a hammer you didnt meet the req for in the first place.

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    not meeting weapon req = tickle damage.

    every 8 levels doubles damage. at 12, you do the damage of the weapon to a 60 armor target. At 16, it's 41% more.

    If you type the word "damage" at a certain wiki that's censored around here, you'll see leads of info.

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    Static values:
    Attribute - Percent of listed damage
    0 35.6%
    1 38.6%
    2 42.0%
    3 45.9%
    4 50.0%
    5 54.5%
    6 59.5%
    7 64.8%
    8 70.7%
    9 77.1%
    10 84.1%
    11 91.7%
    12 100%
    13 104%
    14 107%
    15 111%
    16 115%

    If you don't meet the req, it deals the same damage as a "starter weapon" you'd get in pre-searing/shing jea/whatever.

    You were doing more damage because you were fighting lower level enemies with lower level armor.

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