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    Yet another form of the IW Mesmer.

    It all started back with the flurry Me/W, several nerfs latter it saw very little use.

    Then there was the Me/A feigned neutrality, which Ihae to admit is a very nice combo.

    Then while looking through the derv line I noticed sand shards.

    - Sand Shards (Earth Prayers)
    For 30 seconds, whenever you fail to hit with a scyth attack, all nearby foes take 5..21 damage.
    Energy:5 Cast:1 Recharge:15

    Nearby is a fairly generous AoE...

    Now all we need are a couple scythe attacks...

    - Lyssa's Assault (Scythe Mastery)
    This attack strikes for +5..17 damage if it hits. If you are under the effects of an Enchantment, you gain 10 Energy.
    Energy:10 Cast:0 Recharge:8

    Free scythe attack while under the effects of an enchantment? Perfect.

    - Twin Moon Sweep (Scythe Mastery)
    You lose one Enchantment. If an Enchantment is lost in this way, you strike twice and gain 20..44 health.
    Energy:5 Cast:0 Recharge:6

    Just make sure you don't remove IW Combo with Vital Boon or even sandshards (wait until it recharges before using it). Heath is just a bonus, main strength is in the double strike.

    Anyways this is still untested. I'll try it out tomorrow.

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    GWOnline.Net Member arredondo's Avatar

    Doesn't work. It was tested in the first Nightfall preview event months ago.

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    Plus, what is so bad with Flurry IW? How was it nerfed - and is it recently? I haven't played for a few weeks, but before then I found that combo to be quite effective.
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    GWOnline.Net Member

    The only nerf to IW is the huge boost to Enchantment removal in NF.

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    GWOnline.Net Member cranialexodus's Avatar

    I think the original IW was actually combined with barrage and hundred blades. I wasn't playing back then though.

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    GWOnline.Net Member elsydeon's Avatar

    just 100 blades, anet didnt like how mesmers were able to spike for 84 to an area, so they made 100 blades elite right before release; so it cant be used with iw

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