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    Can Prophecies skins be used in Nightfall?

    Right now I own Prophecies and Nightfall. I really hate that you can only have certain skins for certain chapters...I much prefer the Prophecies warrior over the Nightfall one.

    Anyway, my question is that i I level my Prophecies character and bring them over to Elona, will they be able to take advantage of things like Heroes, Inscribable weapons, etc.? Or must they do without since they aren't from the Nightfall chapter?

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    The items have no chapter restrictions.

    However if you buy your armor in Tyria, it won't have inscription parts so you won't be able to use inscriptions. Same things for weapons, items you find in Tyria don't have an inscription slot but rather a fixed bonus. You can still add mods however.

    But you won't have any restriction on heroes. Or anything else.

    So start a warrior in Tyria, play until Lion's Arch and then take the boat to Elona !

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    And of course you can buy armor in Elona for your warrior if you're looking to use insignias on it. It doesn't matter if the warrior is Tyrian, Canthan or Elonian.

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    It would be nice though if all the character creation options were unlocked simultaneously for each campaign you have, allowing you to create the character with the appearance you want in the location you want, as well as even allowing possible cross-campaign face/hair/color combinations.

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    Yes I wish I can create a new character using any face/skin from all of the chapters I own and start in any of the chapters I own. I started a mesmer in prophecies just because I like the skin best :P I wanted to make the mesmer in Nightfall, but I didn't like any of the faces.

    Regarding items/heroes/etc, yes you can use all of that. The only thing that limits you if you are not born in that specific chapter are lower level content that you don't have access to. For example, my necro (Cantha born) has protector in all three chapters, but she can not do the Nightfall newbie island quests nor has she ever seen pre-searing (prophecies). She has NF heroes (which are usable in any chapter) and has a mix of items from everywhere.

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    On the subject of Heros, you don't even need to transfer your character over to Elona for the Heros, the only requirement is owning NF. So once you get to Lion's Arch, you can do the "Gain Olias" quest to snag your warrior a level 15 Necromancer Hero. Of course, you'll be wanting the other Heros too... on that note, any of the Heros that normally join your party during "newbie island" quests are automatically given to you when your Canthan or Tyrian-born character first gets to Elona (just make sure to chat with the guys on the dock when you arrive).


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