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    ideas about ch 4 classes

    I find it interesting that there seem to be two points concerning the CH4 professions.

    1. that their may not be new ones
    2. that if they are they must be completely different from existing ones.

    I wonder has A-net considered introducing a new profession but instead of adding new attributes maybe mixing some of the current attributes.

    An example
    Priest of the Claw
    Divine Favor
    Beast Mastery
    Wilderness survival
    Protection Prayers
    //downside is that beast mastery is the only offensive capabilities

    Blood of the Earth
    soul reaping
    earth magic
    blood magic
    earth prayers

    It may seem silly, but I think it would add some interesting things and keep A-net from having to constantly introduce new attributes.

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    We already have that... you can use two professions at once on a single character

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    I can imagine the following:

    Specializations for different mounted weapons depending on primary (Rangers: Horse Archer, Warrior: Lance, Knight-style)

    Necros and Ritualists get new Rituals to create "Golems", maybe you need 1 Rit and 1 Necro to create a strong Golem

    Alchemy or Enchantments for weapons or healing for PvE missions only given to you by core caster professions with different abilities.

    Okay, forget the ideas above - how about fixing some bugs for Chapter IV and polishing stuff before introducing something new that is as well rounded as the... cough ... Faction War. :>

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    i would like the idea of a true hand to hand combatant. Something along the lines of a drunken boxer (speed buffs and conditions) and some aoe. Develop skills like drunken blow into a close range hand to hand character.

    Dervish is a small step towards shapeshifting, but really falls short imo and really plays as melee. Something a bit more caster oriented with attribute swaps (like developing signet of illusion into character style).

    just ideas.......

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    I would love to see a profession which create a lot of enviromental effects. Character which can create all those spike corals, lava pools, acid rains etc. =]

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    One will probably focus on direct dmg - derivsh, assasin, ect..
    One will probably focus on supoort - paragon, ritualist, ect..

    Derv imo is an experiment in using magic + melee.
    Paragon imo is an experiment in pure support.

    So earth/blood magic wouldn't suprise me much *wells + wards*. The easiest thing to do is just think of an underused mechanic, and that's what will most likely be the huge focus for the expansion.

    Factions = Spirits + *whatever assasin is...haha sorry never played one =)*
    Nightfall = Shout -> Echo/Chant + Soul Reap -> Enchant Reap

    Ch4 - Stances? Hexes? Adrenaline Caster?!

    who knows.. =)

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    Somebody should formulate a law about how long it takes for these sorts of discussions to materialize after release of a chapter.

    Really, what ideas are there to give that haven't been already?

    The ground rules are simple: melee classes cannot use scythes, swords, axes, hammers, bows, or throwing spears (really, really should have called them javelins, as now any future Dragoon class has to use "polearms"), because if you allow them to do that, you introduce all sorts of screwy combination problems with existing classes (like what happens when you have Swordsmanship 16 in Warrior and Swordsmanship 12 in Newarrior?).

    As far as new melee classes go, there are only so many things that haven't been used:

    Whips (not particularly practical as aggressive weapons, but this is not a game that prides itself on practicality and historicity)
    Polearms (probably spears--the idea of communicating the proper use of a Bec-de-Corbin through tiny digital toy figures is a little shaky)
    Thrown Weapons (knives, axes....rocks?)
    Military Staffs (would have to be delineated from magic staffs)
    Cesti and Bare Fists (Cesti may be rules out by existing, absolutely ridiculously named Necromancer focus items and weapons)

    If we think about the major areas of potential influence (in the archetypes), there's not a lot left open at this stage. We've got the Archer, the Wilderness Tracker, the Stalwart Warrior, the Savage Basher (just the Warrior with the right skills), the Bard (that's the Paragon), the Wizard, the Enchanter/Psychic Jerk, the Hexer, the Necromancer, and the Healer/Protector covered. The only major area of game that I can think of that's really open and hasn't been very effectively covered is a low-armor evasion tank, which could be easily filled with a Kwai Chang Caine type character profession.

    So there's one. Provided that the skill set is sufficiently distinct from the Warrior, Dervish, and Assassin, there might also be room for a Dragoon style character, though that would largely be a salute to another famous Kain (this one from Final Fantasy).

    For spell casting, it's hard to find a base that hasn't been covered with existing classes. Summoning lots of allies that, you know, aren't dead but can move is a potential area of focus (think the Druid from Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction), using fixed-length enchantments on himself that could be dispelled to conjure a couple of animal companions, though that would be dangerously close to infringing on the Ranger's and Necromancer's individual bailiwicks. A blowgun carrying hexer that had to hit with attacks to convey his spells might be another idea, but a lot of effort would have to be made to keep him distinct and separate from the monk (for hex removal - another shamanic tradition), necromancer, and mesmer professions.

    Given all that, I tend to wonder whether or not we're going to start seeing professions in general dry up a little. Two per release is maybe a touch overambitious, particularly when you're operating in the limited environment of this particular video game (your goal is killing things and....um...killing things; skills that would help you manipulate or evade situations are utterly useless, and that eliminates whole design areas). I'm in no personal hurry for more professions at this stage. I still haven't finished with the ones I've got available to me now.

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    I see 2 caster proffesions, because we got 2 weapon user in ngihtfall

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    I think that if there are new professions, there should be one who worships Melandru because as it is now, other gods are worshipped more.

    Add this with halfthought's foresight and you get a caster dealing with nature, which some might call a druid, but Im hoping for something with more character and less familiarity.

    What I mean by "worshipped more" is dependant on professions and attribute lines. For example, Lyssa is the patron goddess for 2 professions (Mesmer and Assassin) and for 2 separate attribute lines (Energy Storage and Mysticism) while Melandru is only patron goddess for 1 profession and is linked with 2 attribute lines.

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    I hope there's at least 1 caster type. I don't like melee types and I felt a bit let down by Nightfall professions (the content is still great though).

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