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    We all knew it was coming...

    Aria of Zeal: Increased casting time to 2 seconds.

    Energizing Finale: Increased the Energy cost to 10 and reduced the amount of energy gained per shout or chant to 1.

    "Incoming!": Increased Energy cost to 10 and decreased duration to 1..5 seconds.

    Stand Your Ground: Increased energy cost to 10.

    "Watch Yourself!": Changed armor gain to 5..25, based on the Tactics attribute.

    Looks like paragons took it pretty hard, as in all the nerfs were aimed at them but I guess they had it coming, what with the providing unlimited energy for monks and all..

    Doesn't look like they overdid it though, which is nice. For example, they changed WY so it doesn't give the 20 armor with 0 in Tactics, but it still provides energy, which was it's main purpose. I pretty much agree with all the changes that they made here, although going from 3 energy to only 1 on Energizing Finale is pretty big

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    GWOnline.Net Member BunnyLord's Avatar

    Watch yourself is nothing but free energy now, unless you decide to actually invest some in tactics.

    Incoming was not a surprise for me. The 10 energy is really nothing when you have a large # of team mates. Aria of Zeal...never cared for it and still don't care about it. Energizing finale, idk who's still going to use this skill.

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    aria of zeal didn't deserve a nerf :( now it is not really worth using

    energizing finale - worthless, 10 energy and it gives 1 energy back?! it didn't even gain a duration increase, sounds like they balanced it by trashing it. I don't mean to bash, but perhaps it could have been reduced to 1-2 energy ? The 10 energy is still hurtful :( (sounds like ranger spam time now)

    incoming, well that's not the greatest thing in the world, still can be extended with volcal was sologon or whatevr. Energy still shouldn't be too bad.

    stand your ground- well it is a nice skill, still though it shouldn't be so bad in command builds with GFTE

    Perhaps a command/tactics build for WY? although i doubt it will be more effective than it used to be.

    Still i guess it is time to adapt.

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    Adapt yes cause if you dont you get told you need to. Nothing was wacked insanely but my gut reaction for Incoming is that it was over nerfed. My only reason for that is simply that if a skill is double nerfed it tends to well, suck afterward. It doesnt look like anything huge was done but we will see. Im hoping Anet will now decide to buff some of the elites, like Defensive Anthem now.

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    GWOnline.Net Member waywrong's Avatar

    shortening the duration of Incoming I agree with, it's still the great Anti-spike skill that it used to be, but I'm not so hot on the cost increase as well. Still, in a full party, it shouldn't be too bad, it's not like my paragon ever goes below 10 or so energy unless facing energy denial.

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    Great update.

    Energizing Finale suffers the fate of mesmer Inspiration line. Hahahaha.

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    Energizing Finale nerf was ****ing ridiculous.

    In specialized builds, it used to net about 10 energy, tops. Now it nets about -5 energy, tops (especially since Aria of Zeal got nerfed, it's harder to get shouts up).

    I don't know why they overnerfed it so much. If they scaled it down even to 2 energy, it'd only net +5 energy per target, and only in specialized builds, and only over the entire duration.

    Or they could have increased the casting cost to 10. Or even increased the cooldown to 10 or 15. Instead of bothering trying to balance it, they just completely removed it from the game. That's a completely ridiculous nerf.

    Anet releases an archetype, the battery paragon, and then completely removes it from the game instead of balancing it. This is exactly the lazy-*** "balancing" that players have been quitting guild wars over. Within a week after release, hundreds of people were making battery paragons. After waiting like months to fix the design flaw, they choose to remove it instead of fixing it.

    2 energy would have been fine. 15 second cooldown would have been fine (putting it in line with the nerfed-as-hell inspiration line). 2-second cast would have been fine. Instead they cranked the cost vs. effect scale so much that it's counterproductive to use.
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    Energizing Finale nerf was overzealous, WY was done in good taste as it's still a good skill, jut not so much for paragons, but nothing done to....

    Vocal Minority
    Ulcerous Lungs
    Well of Silence

    Hexbreaker Aria

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    Doesnt effect my highly successful builds any so i'm kind of impartial.

    as for

    ""Incoming!": Increased Energy cost to 10 and decreased duration to 1..5 seconds."

    I fail to see anything but an energy increase. As i recall correctly didnt the time used to be 1-4 seconds? and at 16 it made it 5.......wouldnt that mean.....they boosted it? (My data source is Gwwiki)

    and well...energy....lollerskates at energy problems for a paragon.....seriously. If you relied on EF for your e-management personally as a paragon, you were gimping yourself. You wanna break energy for a paragon? Change the way Leadership works, make it 1 energy per 3 levels like Mysticism. Then you would break the class (temporarily, people would have to adjust their operational tempos and yes the class would not be the same as it was before)

    the energy finale does seam overZEALous (though for the pun to be proper it would be underZEALous) This "adjustment" makes it kind of worthless to even have, especially considering how painfully obnoxious it is to single target everyone. if its gonna only do 1 energy per shout/chant then make it so it is cast on party (like a shout/chant) there's a thought......a partywide echo. and give it a 45 or 60 second recharge. At max level you'd then get 35seconds

    for Aria of Zeal.....increased cast time ok granted. give it a shorter recharge, 15 seconds. then to further balance it narrow the range of energy given.

    as for WY! this actually had a long time coming.....for warriors. a skill that is as powerful as +20 armor for 5 seconds with NO recharge and costing 4 adrenaline?? and you dont have to invest a single point in the attribute for it? i mean come on.....nobody should really be THAT surprised. Thats about on par as thinking you're the best at everything and then having a mental breakdown when someone beats you at swimming/running/insert sport here. Game Balancing adjustments like the WY! change should be appraised. Note i said game Balancing, not Neutralizing. The moment "balance" turns into "it matters not what you play everything is the same and equal" is when a game turns from fun to a jaded heap of dung. Note it actually got a buff with an added +5 armor....you can prolly jack that to 30 at 16 tactics (yes i hear your laughter *wink* But if you havent noticed tactics has some impressive skills since Factions and NF and I'm more than sure i could come up with something really interesting with it if you dared me)

    "Stand Your Ground!": Increased energy cost to 10.

    Again same thing, I laugh at energy costs. I say make SYG! 15 energy and give it a Armor bonus range modifier like tactics and WY! along with a time range modifier. Want it to last 5 seconds? ok you get 5 armor for 5 seconds. If this change were to happen then you could either keep 45 second recharge, give it a 1 second cast or dump it down to 60 second recharge, and then insert Halve Skill Recharge items for Paragon but cap the percent chance to 10%.

    as for Cyclone Axe and the Jagged adjustments, they make sense to the mechanics of the game.

    I'm curious what the Restful Breeze adjustment is. You probably have to not be moving. Dont bother me none, There are many skills that require you to not move, could be good synergy on that.
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    GWOnline.Net Member VILenin's Avatar

    Well, the point is that Energizing Finale becomes teh haxx0r when used on monks. Put it on them and spam Watch Yourself! and Go For The Eyes! for energy management equivalent to BiP, and it's non-elite.

    Aria of Zeal was a pretty good skill, but I think it was balanced before by the recharge.

    Incoming: teh haxx0r. Took them long enough.

    Stand Your Ground: It was like Watch Yourself except crappier, but now I guess since they nerfed Watch Yourself, they had to nerf Stand Your Ground to ensure that it still sucked equally.

    Watch Yourself: This skill has been abused by non-adrenaline using classes so much, it had it coming.

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