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    Your weapon deals [elemental] damage

    Im sure this has been covered somewhere, but I couldnt find anything. With spells like Dust Cloak and Heart of Fury (and many others since Prophecies) that say "for X seconds, your weapon deals [elemental] damage" (it's not always elemental, i know, but for the sake of brevity, it'll do). Does this not mean you do extra damage in addition to your regular damage? Is it that the damage your weapon does is considered part of that school of magic for the duration of the enchantment? Just trying to get a grasp on the advantage of these types of enchantments.

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    It just changes the damage type on your weapon to that element. So if you used an enchantment that made you do cold damage, you'd do more damage to fire-based creatures and would trigger Spinal Shivers.

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    It basically give your weapon the equivalent of a firery or ebon upgrade. Instead of physical you deal elemental damage. All your spells act as normal and the +damage on attack skills remain unchanged. The main advantage of these elemental skills is to trigger other skills effect makr or rodorgort, edon dust cloak. Also armors sometimes are weaker against elemental damage sometimes.

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    And just for you to know : it's good against warriors but bad against rangers.

    So if you're in a GvG and your monk is getting powned by an enemy warrior, switch to elemental weapon to ignore the +20AL vs physical.

    And instead for a ranger...

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