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    Favorite HA Moment?

    I was running HA the other day with my guild, I was playing the Sandwarder. We faced a heroway in the first part of Scarred Earth, and they all balled up under the bridge. Echo Sandstorm FTFW. The other teams almost did the same thing. Best scorechart I've ever seen. :)

    If you have any great moments like such. Post them up.

    This map made me cry, I laughed so hard. Haha.

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    I had a Hilarious match back in the day
    FoC Spike Vs Smite ball
    123 spike gg

    it was hilarious i dont know if it can get any funnier

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    Quote Originally Posted by gen View Post
    I had a Hilarious match back in the day
    FoC Spike Vs Smite ball
    123 spike gg

    it was hilarious i dont know if it can get any funnier
    Oh how I miss those days. I had that happen once playing FoC, it's so fun.

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    Ahahaha! I have a good one for this, lemme find the screenshots.

    Here we are in YAY holding. Notice the teams we're up against? Both very good teams with all r9+ players. Suffice to say, Wellz and Marvel were whispering each other and both groups completely avoided each other and ganked us for 10 minutes straight! as hard as they could.... 10 full minutes, two teams attacking us...

    The end result speaks for itself.

    Thank you, thank you.

    (Don't mind the cussing, we were all a bit... agitated.)

    edit: Oh, and the reason this is my favorite HA moment is cause.. If you were in that YAY group, only you could really understand the **** we went through in that match... It was soooooo hard, and they talked so much ****... Then we beat their *****! hahaha

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    This is 2 consecutive wins so it was Underworld--> HOH skip but !!!

    It was the most fun...

    6 mesmers with crippling anguish (basically first 6 people in party had the build that you see). We just stacked hexes and bam! LOL wandspike won.

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    Back in the day, I was running Edge bomb with some guildies to work off steam. Guess what the first team we ran into was...

    Another Edge bomb, lol. Shortest match in history, both teams wiped, no winners. To bad I didn't take any screenies. :(

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    GWOnline.Net Member Alleji's Avatar

    Ah, a nostalgia thread. I had quite a few great moments.

    1. Beating a r10-12 team, back when there were only a few r12s in the world and half of them were on that team, that was heavily stacked against rspike... with rspike. (By "heavily" I mean 2x aegis + 2x shields up + Leeloof on his choking gas ranger, before his build became popular. )
    Names, if anyone knows the HA old-timers.

    2. Holding halls for 7 rounds with barrageway during peak hours. Owning both enemy ghosts right after 2 minutes and/or constantly interrupting them. 5 rangers barraging an altar is scary. Awesomest holding run I've ever had.

    3. Getting a 1v1 in halls against VIM. Funniest single hold ever. We stood there for 4 minutes, doing nothing.

    4. Getting fighter hench her r3. Too bad she didn't emote a bambi. (Our caller e7'd after we took the altar and we held 8 rounds with a fighter hench)

    5. Getting absolutely wtfpwned by Spearmen running Flesh Golem factory before the bug that allowed you to control multiple golems was fixed. Nothing quite like seeing 50 flesh golems rushing at your face. :D
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    Alleji, dual orders ranger spike, brings back memories.

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    Amusing score charts have come and gone, but I'd say my favorite HA moment was when my first guild won hoh together. I felt a lot of pride there. Basically we all started out unranked (2 people had just gotten r3), and we got better and better until we started winning hoh a little bit. No fotm crap either, just straight up balanced... and this was back in 2005 when HA was a little more competitive. I mean a lot of guilds have formed out of pvpers and done very well, but having 8+ pve farmers come together, learn HA as a guild, and eventually have success, was a nice feeling

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    Facing a group on Broken Towers who immediately say "You guys are sooo unlucky to face us, we just didn't win HoH because our RoA errored.".

    We wait to see what is up. They seem to be running some kind of holding build as they put fertile up and cap at 3.00.

    We circle round to their spirits, their monks do not reposition, so we're right in their backlines while the 3rd team obliges us by attacking them frontal.

    30 secs later their team has wiped and it's just us and the other team in a interruptfest on each others ghostly.

    We lost, but felt so good to defeat the overconfident group :)

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