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    Vizu's Assault
    5e, 1/4c, 12r
    Shadowstep to target foe. This counts as a lead attack. [50% chance of failure with Critical Strikes 4 or less]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raven Flameheart View Post
    Vizu's Assault
    5e, 1/4c, 12r
    Shadowstep to target foe. This counts as a lead attack. [50% chance of failure with Critical Strikes 4 or less]
    It's a nice start, but for an Elite I'd think of something like this:
    Vizu's Assault (attrib: Dagger Mastery)
    Elite Lead Attack. Shadowstep to target foe and strike, inflicting +7..20 damage. If Vizu's Assault fails to hit, you shadowstep back to your original location and all other Lead Attacks on your skillbar are recharged. For every skill recharged in this way, you gain 1..3 energy.

    Last Rites (attrib: Divine Favor)
    Elite Enchantment Spell. For 4..16 seconds, if target other ally dies while enchanted with Last Rites, that ally's corpse cannot be the target of enemy spells that exploit corpses. If that ally's corpse is targeted by a friendly corpse exploitation spell, that spell behaves as if the caster's rank were lowered by 6..2.

    I really like this one. It would go a long way in shutting down enemy minion masters, with only a minor drawback for friendly MM's.

    Mana Storm (attrib: Energy Storage)
    Elite Spell. Create a Mana Storm at target other ally's location. For 10 seconds, all nearby allies gain 1..3 energy per seconds while you suffer 4..2 energy degeneration. Mana Storm ends if any ally gains 10..24 energy in this way.

    Mana Storm would open up a whole new line of support techniques for eles.

    "Cross the Streams!" (attrib: Command)
    Elite Shout. For 4..12 seconds, the next time two or more allies within earshot cast a spell of the same attribute at the same foe, those spells act as if the caster's rank in that attribute was increased by 1..4.

    Ghostbusters reference FTW!

    Quote Originally Posted by MStarfire View Post

    Tinnitus (attrib: Command)
    Elite Shout. For 6..30 seconds, whenever a foe within earshot uses a Shout, Chant, or Echo, all affected foes take 4...30 damage and begin bleeding for 2..10 seconds. That Shout, Chant, or Echo is then disabled until Tinnitus ends.
    Looking back on this one, it should probably be a Mesmer Hex from the Domination Magic line instead of a Command shout.

    Animate Ether Golem (attrib: Death Magic)
    Elite Spell. Animate a level (whatever) Ether Golem. All of the Ether Golem's attacks steal 2..5 energy from target foe. You may only have one Ether Golem at a time.
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    GWOnline.Net Member DoomFrost's Avatar

    Focused Shot (attrib: Marksmanship)
    Elite Skill: Shoot an arrow that moves twice as fast and inflicts a random condition on target foe for 4..13 seconds. This attack cannot be blocked or evaded.

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    GWOnline.Net Member jvxmtg's Avatar

    "I'm the Juggernaut!"
    Cost: 15e
    CT: -
    RT: 30
    Elite Shout. Lose all adrenaline. For 10 seconds you have an additional 90...258 health, +40 armor, and your attacks causes knockdown when it hit. This skill ends if you use a skill. (attrib: Strength)

    Cost: 8 adrenaline
    CT: -
    RT: -
    Elite Shout. Target foe is knocked down. (attrib: Command)

    ~ I officially quit Guild Wars and will not buy any Anet product in the future starting today, June 19, 2007. I've given all my items and cash to Erasculio and I'm sure he'll be rich with some of them. :wink: ~

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    Odd, can't find my suicide-bomber one.

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    humm..some really good ideas here - I could see a fair few of these skills making it into the next expansion. Some of yours MS seem a tadd overpowered, but overall good.

    I better add some of mine :P

    Unfinished Buisiness
    E: 15, C: 5, R: 60
    Att: Death Magic (Necro)
    Ressurect target ally as a minion. That ally has - [5 - 1] health degeneration, and recieves double damage from holy sources. Damage dealt to this ally is reduced by (10 - 30)%.

    Sword to Soul
    A: 6, C: -, R: 5
    Att: Channeling (Rit)
    Weapon Spell. Damage from target ally's next [1 - 5] attacks is negated, and the foe attacked loses energy equal to the damage negated.

    Grenth's Favour
    E:20, C:10, R:60
    Att: Soul Reaping (Necro)
    Enchantment Spell. For [20 - 45] seconds, whenever you gain energy from your Soul Reaping Attribute, target ally also gains that energy.

    Heat of Flames
    E: 15, C:5, R:20
    Att: Fire Magic (Ele)
    Spell. You gain (1 - 8) energy for each foe within your danger zone that is on fire. (Maximum [16 - 32] energy.)

    Thats all I've got for now...probably post later :P


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    Quote Originally Posted by soulwar View Post
    Odd, can't find my suicide-bomber one.
    There's a very good reason for that. It was reported and removed by the mods, and so were all replies to it. It was in very poor taste, and I'm surprised you haven't been banned or at least suspended from the boards.

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    Now or Never.
    Elite Stance, lose all you adrenaline, for 3-8 seconds your next melee attack deals 2*4^(1-3 random) damage, you are knocked down and if target foe is still above 25% hp you gain weakness for 15-5 seconds

    you either deal 8, 32 or 128 damage :P

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    Gleaming Arrow
    Elite Bow Attack
    10 EN/ 0 CT/ 15 RT
    You shoot an arrow that does 10..3 less damage and target foe is blinded for 5..10 seconds. If Gleaming Arrow is blocked, all nearby foes are blinded for 2..7 seconds instead.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Seef II's Avatar

    All attribute levels are given from 0..15.

    Finishing Blow
    Hammer Mastery (Elite Hammer Attack) - 5e, 0 s activation, 18 s recharge
    If this attack hits, you strike for +1..31 damage. If target foe is below 50% Health, you deal an additional +1..31 damage and your target is knocked down.

    Blade of Sublimation
    Swordsmanship (Elite Sword Attack) - 9 adrenaline
    Lose 1 Hex and 1 Condition. If this attack hits, you strike for +10..30 damage and target foe loses 1 Stance. Blade of Sublimation cannot be "blocked" or "evaded."

    Thorned Rose Chop
    Axe Mastery (Elite Axe Attack) - 7 adrenaline
    If this attack hits, you strike for +10..40 damage and inflict Bleeding and Crippled for 5..20 seconds.

    Channel Fury
    Strength (Elite Skill) - 6 adrenaline, 1 s activation, 1 s recharge.
    You gain 0..6 Energy, 3..6 strikes of adrenaline, and 60 Health.

    Logistic Strike
    Tactics (Elite Melee Attack) - 5 energy, 0 s activation, 10 s recharge
    If Logistic Strike hits a moving foe, that foe is Crippled for 5..11 seconds. If it hits a stationary foe, that foe is knocked down. If it hits a knocked-down foe, you critical and deal +1..20 damage.

    Heavy Signet
    No Attribute (Elite Signet) - 0 energy, 1/4 s activation, 12 s recharge
    For 10 seconds, you have +1 Health regeneration and the next time you would be knocked down, you gain +40 armor for 10 seconds instead.

    Soul Harvester
    Scythe Mastery (Elite Scythe Attack) - 5 energy, 0 s activation, 10 s recharge
    If this attack hits, you strike for +5..30 damage and each struck foe loses 1..3 Energy. You gain 2 Energy for each point of Energy lost.

    Melandru's Vow
    Earth Prayers (Elite Enchantment Spell) - 10 energy, 1 s activation, 20 s recharge
    Lose all Conditions. For 3..15 seconds, you are not affected by Conditions. You gain 1..10 Health every time a Condition is inflicted on you.
    note: this doesn't prevent application of the conditions, just nullification of their effects. Not sure if this sort of thing is possible with Anet's code, can easily be tweaked to condition immunity a la the Avatar.

    Refreshing Gust
    Wind Prayers (Elite Spell) - 10 energy, 3/4 s activation, 12 s recharge
    All allies in the area lose 1 Condition and 1 Hex. Allies under the effects of an Enchantment are also healed for 38..98 Health.

    Strength of the Gods
    Mysticism (Elite Enchantment Spell) - 10 energy, 1 s activation, 10 s recharge
    For 3..13 seconds, target ally's attributes are increased by 2.

    Disruptive Whirl
    No Attribute (Elite Melee Attack) - 5 energy, 1/2 s activation, 10 s recharge
    Attack all adjacent foes. Struck foes are interrupted.
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