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    Signet of Malady (Curses)
    0e / 1c / 8r
    Elite Signet. Target foe suffers from one random condition for 5...15 seconds, and strike that foe for 3...20 damage for each condition.

    Destiny Bond (Death Magic)
    5e / c / 5r
    Elite Enchantment Spell. For 1...5 seconds, if target ally dies while under the effect of Destiny Bond, the foe who killed that ally takes 40...120 damage and is knocked down.

    Grudge (Domination Magic)
    10e / 1c / 10r
    Elite Hex Spell. For 10...30 seconds, every time target foe kills a creature, you steal 2...10 Energy form that for and all of the foe's skills are disabled for 2...8 seconds.

    Live Flame (Fire Magic)
    5e / 1c / 8r
    Elite Spell. Target foe starts burning for 4...12 seconds. When this foe stops burning, 1...4 nearby foe start burning for 2...6 seconds.

    Thick Fog (Water Magic)
    15e / 2c / 20r
    Elite Spell. Create a cloud of Thick Fog at target foe's location for 5...15 seconds. Foes in that area cannot block, and allies in that area gain 20...50% chance to block attacks and projectiles.

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    Vile Bile - Death Magic
    Hex Spell. Target foe suffers 0..2 Health degeneration for 10 seconds. When Vile Bile ends, that foe is Diseased for 0..2 seconds for each second this Hex was in effect.

    Lyssan Attunement - Inspiration Magic
    Elite Enchantment Spell. For 30..45 seconds, you have +1 Inspiration Magic, and whenever you successfully cast a Mesmer spell, you gain 0..4 Energy.

    Envenomed Shot - Marksmanship
    Bow Attack. If this attack hits, target foe is Poisoned for 2..16 seconds.

    Anthem of Vigor - Motivation
    Chant. For 5..17 seconds, party members within earshot gain +30..55 maximum Health until they hit with an attack skill.

    Harpy's Spear - Spear Mastery
    8 adrenaline
    Spear Attack. If Harpy's Spear hits, you deal +5..35 damage.

    Gusting Wind - Air Magic
    Spell. If target foe is moving, that foe is knocked down.

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    Harpie Claw-Scythe Mastery


    Attack, Target foe takes 20 damage if still, 20 damage if moving but if knocked down takes 100 damage and if below 50 % health takes plus 30 damage

    Banshee Scream-Necromancer(Unnatributed)


    Shout. All Foes Are Dazed For 10 Seconds Any Other Shouts Used By Allies Recharge This Shout And Deal 20 Damage, When This Skill Recharges All Allies Take 30 Damage And Are Dazed For 5 seconds


    Serendipity- Divine Favour

    All Allies Lose 50% health, 25% Chance Of All Foes Taking 150 Damage And gaining 2 Conditions

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    Magehunter's Chop - Axe Mastery
    9 Adrenaline
    Elite Axe Attack. If this attack hits, you deal +10...40 damage. Unblockable if target for is enchanted. You suffer from Deep Wound for 10 seconds.

    Melody of Sanctuary
    Elite Chant. For 5...15 seconds, all allies receive +10...20 armor. Ends if ally uses an attack skill or casts a spell on a foe.

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    wake of destruction {E} (fire magic)

    10, 1/2, 2

    project huge slow moving (very slow almost running speed) wave of fire which moves towards your target for 5-10 seconds, leaving the ground behind it seared for 1-5 seconds, any foes standing upon the seared ground takes 5-20 fire damage each second. Any foes stuck by the wavefront takes 15-50 fire damage and is set on fire for 0-3 seconds.


    Ignite Soul (soul fire) fire magic

    5/1/20 glyph
    you ignite your inner spirit, for 5-15s your next 1-5 spells cost 5-25% more energy to cast.
    when you cast any spells all adjacent foes are set alight for 0-3 seconds, and is stuck for 100-300% (fire damage) of that spells' casting cost.


    counter spell (Mesmer unlinked)

    1/2/5 spell
    For 15 seconds the next hostile spell you cast on target fails (or auto interrupt), instead target foe is hexed with counter spell for 5 seconds, if target foe's next spell energy cost is less then your initial spell that spell fails (auto interrupt) and counter spell ends.
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    Body Shell - Strength
    Elite Stance. All of your other skills are disabled for 3 seconds. For 3..8 seconds, you are immune to all sources of damage and cannot be knocked down. When this Stance ends, you lose Health equal to the damage you would have taken, to a maximum 99...90% of your current Health.

    Acid Rain - Water Magic
    Spell. Target foe takes damage equal to its armor level and suffers from Cracked Armor for 3..15 seconds. If that foe is already has Cracked Armor, that foe is Poisoned for 5..20 seconds.

    Persistent Dream - Illusion Magic
    Elite Hex Spell. For 2..7 seconds, target foe takes twice as long to cast Spells. Whenever a foe is interrupted while casting a spell, this hex is reapplied.

    Antismite - Death Magic
    Enchantment Spell. For 5..20 seconds, you and your minions do not suffer extra damage from Holy damage.

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    Vanishing Energy (Inspiration Magic)
    15e / 2c / 20r
    Elite Hex Spell. For 5...15 seconds, all of foe's spells take 1...5 more Energy to cast. When this Hex ends, you gain 1 Energy for each spell cast by the foe.

    Clumsy Feet (Illusion Magic)
    10e / 1c / 15r
    Elite Hex Spell. For 2...12 seconds, whenever target foe is knocked down, all adjacent foes are also knocked down.

    Oasis (Water Magic)
    15e / 3c / 30r
    Elite Spell. Create an Oasis at your location for 5...20 seconds. All allies near that location stop burning and are healed for 5...12 Health every second. This spell causes exhaustion.

    Blood Frenzy (Blood Magic)
    10e / 1c / 10r
    Elite Enchantment Spell. For 3...13 seconds, you move 25% faster and gain 40...100% more Health from Life Stealing, but you take 50% more damage.
    (wouldn't increase the amount stolen, just the health you gain)

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    power within signet

    passive signet

    explanation: while this skill is in your bar you may have 2 elite skills present in your skill bar, both cannot be active at the same time and only your first elite (by order of professions and attribute list (first to last)) is effect by its attribute.

    explanation to the simple folk: u sacrafice a skill slot for the ability to wield 2 elite skills however only the first this is determined by primary then secondary primary attributes to secondary and then whichever is first on your list of available skills (so you could say have HB and Sheild of Regen in the same bar but if WoH is the first skill on your list of available skills its effected by your attributes not both) this ensures functionality but prevents excessive abuse (yes this could mean a more potent perma-sin but no system is perfect)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aoi Enishi View Post
    Id like to see some Paragon Buffs:

    "Shut Up!" (Elite): Shout, cost 7 adrenaline, Target foe is dazed for 2..4 seconds. Attribute: Command

    "Gjarr!": Shout, cost 10 Energy: You gain 1...3 adrenaline if you are drunk you gain an additional 1..3 adrenaline. Recharge 25 seconds. Attribute: Command.

    "Tonight we dine in Hell! (Elite)" Shout: Cost 10 Energy. For 10...20 seconds all none spirit allies in earshot move 10...20% Slower, have 10...20 Damage Reduction while not moving, +10...20 armor while moving, and deal 10...20% more damage in melee. End Effect Each Affected Ally takes loose 20...10 health for each second this shout was in effect. Recharge: 40 seconds. Attribute Command.

    "Dont even think about it!": Shout, cost 8 adrenaline, Target foe is interrupted, and has all skills disabled for 1..3 seconds. Disables all your skills for 3 seconds. Attribute Command.

    Choir Of Angels (Elite): Chant, Cost 10 Energy, you chant for 5..7 seconds and cannot move or use skills. For 5...10 seconds All foes in earshot take 10...40 Holy Damage each second. This skill cannot be interrupted. Recharge 60 seconds. Attribute Leadership

    "Not on my Watch!": Chant, cost 15 Energy, 2 sec cast time: For 5..10 seconds all none spirit allies within earshot gain 5...20 health each time they take damage. End Effect: All Affected Allies loose 1 Condition and 1 Hex. Attribute: Leadership

    "Watch your back!": Shout, cost 5 energy, 10 sec recharge. For 3 seconds target other ally blocks the next attack and this shout ends. When this shout ends that ally gain 10..60 Health. Attribute: Motivation

    "Dont die on me!"Shout: Cost 10 Energy. Target other ally gain 10...80 Health. Recharge: 5 seconds. Attribute: Motivation.

    More to come...

    those go next to my "give no quarter" for best shout concept skills evur XD

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    Antitoxin - Wilderness Survival
    Skill. For 10..17 seconds, you gain +1..3 Health regeneration and immunity to the Poisoned condition.

    Sunder Armor - Domination Magic
    Spell. Target foe loses 3 Energy and suffers from Cracked Armor for 5..20 seconds. Sunder Armor deals 1..13 chaos damage for each point of Energy lost.

    Anemia - Soul Reaping
    Enchantment Spell. For 10..25 seconds, whenever you sacrifice Health, you sacrifice half the normal amount.

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