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    Flashbangs! (R/D Extreme Shutdown)

    Ok. .. I'm going to tell everyone up front that this isn't a "Friend Maker" build.

    Distracting Shot, Concussion Shot, Savage Shot, Hunter's Shot, Read the Wind, Ebon Dust Aura, Energizing Winds, Res Sig



    The Setup:

    The build is easy to get setup, but requires a high degree of awareness since it is an interupt build.

    Energizing winds will lower concussion shot to only cost 4 energy making it useable everytime it recharges.

    From then on make sure you have Ebon Dust Aura and Read the Wind enabled and you can lay into whoever you want.

    To be successful with this build you will need to be able to shutdown 2-3 targets at once or be able to solo any backline / flagger / or ganking foe.


    I got some points with the setup in Ra as is, but I also had good luck when I took conviction instead of hunter's shot as well.

    Pretty much everything else is necissary though.

    You'll need to be able to interupt every 2 seconds to stop some builds.


    Blinding Surge Eles will be able to blind you from around corners. They'll never be able to kill you alone, but with help it's pretty much a garentee you'll die.

    Avatar of Grenth Dervishes will mop the floor with you!

    Same for Melandru. . .

    Everything else should be fair game though. (just be careful in some of the 1v1 fights. There is no self heal so you could die after the fight is over!)


    This build is hillarious in the metagame. First off Bow Rangers /w out a pet are basically next to Wa/Mos on the food chain. People will almost always go for you last making things extremely easy for you.

    People won't expect you to be running shutdown either. If you can conceal your cast of Ebon Dust Aura your opponents may never even catch on where the blinds are coming from.

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    how do you use these:




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    Rucksack: Oh that's just the template data.

    Go to your Guild Wars Folder and open the templates folder.

    Create two new text files and paste the info in and save them.

    Then when you are in Guild Wars simply open them while you are in one of the waiting areas or towns.

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    Swapping out Ebon Dust for Grenth's Grasp might make you even less friends. :)

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    Me and a friend tried a D/Me and R/Me Ebon Dust Aura Barragers. It won't work as well as well as two R/D's though. Barrage isn't worth it if you can just manually target different characters. Nice build.

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    Equipment templates are from PvP only....unfortunately.

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    sandbenders: You can load up a PvP guy still to see the equipment I chose. . .

    It's nothing special though. 2 bows with earth and 20% longer enchantments and +10 armor on enchant since Ebon Dust Lasts 36 seconds at a time.

    steelwill: yeah no joke! Grenth's Grasp is also very nice with a bow. Only trouble is you can't make your allies kite from crippled foes.

    Going Grenth's will give you more of an edge against casters

    or. . .

    You could just swap out Hunter's Shot for Pindown and keep the blind for anything that isn't a Dervish or Rit Assassin.
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    My english is bad and maybe i misunderstood something,but can u use this build also in pve?

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    minor point, maybe swap in Called Shot, so you have at least 1 unevade/blockable way to inflict your blind.

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    Hmm this is what I've been using. Cripshot + blindbot + interrupt all-in-one

    Marksmanship 15 (sup rune + mask)
    Expertise 9
    Wind prayers 8 / 9
    Earth prayers 9 / 8

    Debilitating Shot (edenial)
    Called Shot (spammable for EDA and goes through stances / enchants)
    Concussion Shot (interrupt)
    Distracting Shot (heal sigs, rez)
    Attacker's Insight (lower energy cost of concussion shot)
    Harrier's Grasp (cripple moving foes
    Ebon Dust Aura (blind)
    Resurrection Signet

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