was looking on wiki and here for some answers about the gods and afew more lore stuff.
now i got a few more questions unansweared:
in wiki it is sayed that after compliting creating tyria balthazar, dwayna and meldarun have gone to the rift or something like that,now:
1. what about grenth/dhuum? why didnt one of them go there to?
2. did grenth defeted dhuum, before or after the creation of tyria? aswell it is said that grenth ROSE up how can he rose up he is a imoortal god...
3. why there are 2 gods of death?? i mean how come there were to made?
4. is dhuum part of the 5 old gods and grenth is part of the 5 true gods or dhuum isnt part of any of them?
5. dhuum is considered a "bad guy" but he didnt do anything exept be the death lord and being defeted
6. what about lyssa? why didnt she went to the rift aswell?
7. how can menieze be balthazar half brother? (not sure about this info)
8. exept of being the lord of destruction fif menize didnt anything bad that he was expeld of the gods? (arg grammer)
9. hoe can 2 gods be brother in other words did someone created the gods?????????
and another few lore and ingame lore questions:
1. why in elona lyssa is many times refered as lyss?
2. what exactly is the difference between the rift and the mists?
3. is all the places that are now avalable through the chantry of secrets is in one fo them?
4. is the gods realms part of the rift/mist?
5. is there a realm for each god? if so only the realms of grenth and balthazar are in such trouble they need our help?

and for a nice closing i have just recently found about that the word abaddon
is very similliar to the word avadon wich in hebrew means doom (hebrew/israel FTW) and then we got the got dhuum (ahem ***doom*** ahem)
anyone know if meniez means doom in some laugwich (arg spelling).