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    Double and Triple Goodness Event!

    Whee he he :D

    Quote Originally Posted by GuildWars.com
    This weekend, all chests located in Elona will have a doubled chance of dropping rare items. And, the drop rate for all Elonian keys will triple, too! Join us starting at Noon PST on Friday, and enjoy the extra goodies through Sunday at 11:59 p.m. PST.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackwooly View Post
    Whee he he :D
    Stygan Vail runs anyone????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merlin Dragonclaw View Post
    Stygan Vail runs anyone????
    That'll be great :D

    But is the real of torment considered a part of Elona?

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    GWOnline.Net Member De Daniel's Avatar

    I justed openened 100 demonic(stygian) chest LOL and now they come with this event.
    Probably all will go chest running and the drops go more down than up:).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Straegaard View Post
    That'll be great :D

    But is the real of torment considered a part of Elona?
    I would think any of ch.3 is considered Elona. Would be nice if Gaile could get clarification for us though

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    Woot can't wait, although I would've rathered double chance to get keys and tripple chance that their rare items :P.

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    Crap. I justed wasted almost all my gold on Vabbian armor. Gotta farm more ASAP...
    Somehow I get the feeling Vabbian runs will be what's hot this weekend. Stygian runs already have like 90% chance on gold (unless they fixed it already), and Stygian skins don't sell well.

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    Twice the rares twice the crappy mods more than likely. But should be fun

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    Ooooh can't wait! Vabbian Chest Runs anyone?

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    Whoohoo! Desolation Maul, here I come!

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