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    Are these builds still viable in NF?

    Hey all, wondering if the W/El rodgort(cyclone+triple chop+conjure fire+mark of rodgort+glyph of lesser energy+ias+def stance+res) or glimmering mark(cyclone+triple chop+conjure lightning+glimmering mark+ias+def stance+whatever+res) builds are still viable in NF.... or is there any problem(for example, too much hex removal/enchantment removal or maybe the fact that a pyragon just makes rodgort useless.. or whatsoever..)
    I'd like to try em out but my war is not really far in NF and I'd like to know how these builds work in late game... thanks all

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    no not a lot of hex removal in the end game, a moderate amount of enchant removal though. All the mesmers carry 1-2 and a warrior will be a priority target for that. It should be pretty decent.

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