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    Lightbulb overplayed class

    hey all,
    i was just wondering, out of the two NF classes, which do you think is the most overplayed? coz i haven't played NF yet, but i will be in the next few days and i wanted to try out one of the new classes but i also wanted to have a decent chance of getting into a group! also if there are any overplayed 'builds' for that class tell me about them as well!


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    They are both kinda overplayed but a lots of people are bringing their old characters to Elona so this is rather diverse.

    However, I think it is easier for Paragon to get groups, their chant are really good buff. And to my ignorant eyes, a dervish is just warrior substitute.

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    Don't take this for a fact, but I believe it would be the Dervish. I guess somehow melee characters would always appeal more to the more casual players.

    Just my opinion though.

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    the more overplayed of the two is by far the dervish, when compared to the paragon.

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    Aye dervish FTW on those two... people are finding out they can solo bosses with a dervish, run better and more stable than a lot of other builds out there, all this adds up to mean more money in endgame.

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    I find that the best advice here is to play both of them. Buying NF gives you two more character slots, so just use them to make a dervish and a paragon.

    In my opinion it works like this:

    Very good for running
    Extremely high damage even with auto attacks, and aoe is provided.
    Deadly killer in pvp, with spikes and finishing blows.
    Rather high liveability allows you to stay in battle longer, dealing more and more damage.
    Has some group healing, and several self-healing abilities.
    Enemy enchantment removals can help the dervish as much as hurt him.
    (Have you ever wanted to play the Grim Reaper?)

    Low AL (70, which is the same as assasin and ranger)
    Burns energy quickly, so enchantments like zealous renewal are a must
    Avatar forms are not really as great as many (including myself) expected them to be.
    Slow attack speed in your weapon (though heart of fury will make you feel like you are on steroids).

    (Cool armor) AL is at 80, the second-highest of any GW class.
    Very entertaining to play
    Easiest to play support unit, as your shouts affect the whole party with only some moves being applied to one person.
    Foes around you are on fire!
    Energy problems are not experienced often, particularly in a "watch yourself" spamming paragon with roughly 14 leadership (aggressive refrain does provide some temporary energy hurt)
    (Paragon chicks are pretty hot =P)

    (A weird dance in males, while females dance almost as shameful as the elementalist)
    spear does poor damage with slow attack speed, the worst of all vampiric mods, and damage just slightly higher than the sword, though burning definitely helps (as well as the constantly keepable IAS, Aggressive Refrain)
    Enemies WILL attack you as one of the primary targets in PvP.
    (This may be highly opinionized as a con.) Male armors show the lower chest, kind of like a male midriff

    Which ever class you choose to play as mostly, you have made a good decision, as they are both well designed, powerful, perhaps overpowered, classes, that are cool and a lot of fun to play.
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    comparing to Factions I think paragon and derv are more balanced than the Assassins outnumbering Rits, but I still think that there are more Dervs out there as well.

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    yea i noticed that last night the paragon forum had 9 people and no new posts, and the dervish forum had something like 30 people and new posts! i was thinking a paragon/mesmer, because ill be standing back a bit ,therefore ill be able to see everything ,therefore ill know were to chuck a shutdown spell or whatever. lol ill probably get about 10 people telling me this is dodgy but meh.

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    Prophecies had W/Mo
    Factions had A/*
    Nightfall has D/*

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    ok anyone got any thoughts on either a paragon/meser or a paragon/necro (minions etc)

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