Leadership 12
Protection 12
Smiting 8
Motivation 9

Chorus of Restoration
Angelic Bond [E]
Leaders Comfort
Protective Bond
Essence Bond
Shield of Absorbtion
Balthazar's Spirit

What you need:

20% Enchants on spear

1 supererior leadership rune

1 major motivation rune

any +e runes you can fit on rest of armor.

a Motivation shield with a small to medium +health modification.

What you need from your team:

a healing monk that casts Healing Seed on you, it will trigger every time you take damage even -0 dmg.

some sort of energy battery, be it Energon or BiP necro (though if TA a necro would be best cause they can deal dmg and energy batterize while an energon cannot)

The Strategy behind the build: Shield of Absorbtion, knocks the damage you take down to -0 for around 5 seconds if another teammate is taking alot of damage, as it triggers the shield spells effect rapidly. Balthazars Spirit triggers when you take damage from AB and also even if you take -0 damage. So does Essence Bond. You'll get 2e per triggering of enchantment. With Smiting 8 through 12 you get 4 adrenaline per dmg taken so this is why its at 8. Protective bond is for extra protection when shield of absorbtion wears off. You can trigger it on/off when you need it, or if the enemy team starts attacking you specifically. Use Chorus of Restoration with itself after its recharge for some minor self healing along with leaders comfort. Chorus should also give energy back since its adrenal. Remember to recast AB on teammates every 20-30 seconds or so, it lasts 30seconds total at 12 leadership, but you wouldnt want it to wear off with the whole enemy team pummeling your monk trying to break through.