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    Lightbulb Eles, Dervs, and Paras hosed at Shrines

    (Searched for topic and could not find)

    I've recently become Painfully aware of an injustice committed against Eles Dervs and Paras.

    The Res Shrines in Elona grant blessings from the gods based on ones profession. Of the ten professions, 7 can have all their attributes raised by one for the low low price of 150g. Paras and Dervs must pay 600g for an equivilant blessing. ANd Eles get the big bite at 750g to raise their attributes by one.

    As it is impossible to put all your attribute pts into any one attribute, most players spread the points among 2-4 attributes. This means, that in the best of situations, Dervs/Paras/Eles are still paying double what all the other professions would pay, for an equivilant advantage.

    I have three proposed solutions to this problem:

    1) reduce the cost of raising a single attribute (as experienced by the three noted above).


    2) Increase the reward of those who only benefit in one attribute (either increased duration or higher attribute gain). After all, if one fella gets 4 attribute points for 150, is it so bad that another gets 2 atts, limited to one type? (mathematically, the fella getting four is still doing better)


    3) Re-assign which gods give which rewards. This may upset those who are much into the Pantheon and how certain professions are linked, but this isn't held to that much in the first place (Smite monks were supposed to pray to Balth for assistance, but this wasn't implimented).

    Personally i favour the third solution, as it would also take into consideration that characters have to travel from shrine to shrine to get all their profession blessings (eliminating that as a problem). 5 gods, 10 professions... fairly even split.

    PLEASE NOTE: I would prefer if this thread did not wander into a discussion of adding these blessing to previous chapters. If you would like to discuss the merit of that idea, please start a separate thread. My goal here is to have the balance of the Elonain Shrines dealt with. Everyone (except the poor eles) had their own god in chapter two, I see not reason why new/future professions should have their blessings scattered to the wind.

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    I don't think the blessings are worth it so I never take them.

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    so you think the current situation is fair? or you don't think the current situation is fair? Or you think the blessings should be removed altogether? or you don't care enough to have an opinion, but enough to say ... what?

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    A word of caution CountessCorpula, I don't particularly like the tone of your second post in this thread. The person who posted expressed thier opinion, just because it wasn't what you were looking for does not give you the right to comment on the validity/relevance of their opinion. Please keep your comments to the topic and not the forum member making a post.

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    You left out the unfairness that those shrines only works for the region that has favor, a far bigger inbalance then that of the classes.

    I never use the shrines though.

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    To be honest, I never use blessings because the last time I remember being in-game when my continent had favor was... August.

    Although I do see your point. If you happen to have favor, the privilage of the blessing seems a little less effective when you have a character that is not one of the core classes or a factions class. However, I don't think it should be drastically changed, and here's why:

    Elementalists usually rely on two attributes - energy storage and element "x". Finding different shrines for each element seems acceptable to me, since each god would align with a different element. However, I would make the energy storage bonus universal to all Gods, and buff Lyssa's bonus to compensate.

    Dervishes and Paragons don't have the right to request for more than they've gotten. Both claim to be classes that celebrate the glory of ALL the Gods, and their skills reflect this... none of the other classes have been given this advantage. Besides, the core classes are the oldest / most supported classes, and these ressurection shrine blessings were introduced in CANTHA, so really the Dervish and Paragon should be thankful that Anet didn't revert to the Prophecies blessing style. Perhaps the price should be lowered a little, though I don't think that you can make the new classes fit into the mould of the old classes.

    Just my opinion.

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    far shiverpeak

    the legendary alterans

    it is true that most or even all ele's use just one element, but you did miss one point.
    most of the time you'll find ether grenth or dwayna, it's rare that i find balthazar for a blessing.
    i hardly use it but when i do, i see a lot of rip-off things in the blessings.
    when i want a blessing for my n/e, i have to be lucky to get balthazar or i cant even boost my fire magic.......something that my necro side can with all atributes.

    on the OP, i favor point 2, more dual the ballance of having atleast something good.

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