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    character transfer

    this is kind of a newbie question but is there a way to move a character from factions over to nightfall, like could i move my RT/MO over to nightfall?

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    Yes there is a quest in Kaineng Center that will allow you to do that after you complete a mini-mission of sorts.

    Talk to Imperial Guardsman Linro to get the quest Sunspears in Cantha. He also gives you the quest for Zenmai the 'Sin hero.

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    However, while the quest is a pain, that's about a laborious as it gets. Once you reach the town of Kamadan, you can flit freely between each of the continents you unlocked for that character by using the boat icon on your Travel Map.

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    ok thanks, one last thing, if i do go from one continent to another does that mean i can do the storyline with that character to?

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    Yes, most of the storyline.
    Characters from Prophecies and Factions arrive in Kamadan just before the Consulate Docks mission. You basically pick up the story line from that point onwards.

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