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    I see the future.

    I think one of the next proffesions should be a oracle.
    characters that see into the future and past.

    Here are attributes.
    minds eye-main attribute-for each aura cast character gain 1...5 energy.
    Future-spell that deal with the future
    Past-spells that deal with the past. Duh.
    Doom-spells that cause misfourtunes.

    here are just some skill ideas.
    Future- cast aura on the foe.The next attack the foe uses is postponed for 5 seconds.

    Past-cast aura on foe, foe is transported to location he was 10 seconds ago.

    Doom-caust aura on foe the next spell foe uses is misguided to foe's ally

    minds eye-Dwanyas aura target ally gains 1....15 energy each second and can not recieve conditions.

    Blah blah blah. You get me.
    I notice that for each new class there is different gamplay.
    The game play for this character would be sorta mesmeric.
    the character would have very low damage capabilities
    the character would use aura spells that cast on the boddy giving it a glow like the bosses. t

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    GWOnline.Net Member actionjack's Avatar

    I like it... need to develop more.
    Could also add some tarro card stuff in there as well...

    (which reminded me.. I should go read Benovolent Zephyr's Diviner/Fortune Teller... but I have to find it......*lazy)

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    I like the idea. That past skill would be cool and funny :D . I like what action jack said about them terro cards. They could be its weapon and he throws them. haha.

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    I would also like to see it be more a fashionable character. Not at all a grungy looking street rat. Im thinking sorta beauty and the beast.
    The males can wear That blue tuxedo. thing with the tails. and the females would be decked out in gowns and dresses. Sorta like the one that the kuzrick monk girl wears. I forgot her name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by artypartytime View Post
    Sorta like the one that the kuzrick monk girl wears. I forgot her name.
    Danika Zu Heltzer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by yakslappin View Post
    Danika Zu Heltzer?
    thats excatly who i was talking about

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