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    Which do you prefer?

    (Hex) + Images of Remorse + Accumulated Pain


    Phantom Pain + Shatter Delusions

    They both have their pros and cons. To get the most damage out of the former, you must first have another hex (... not really a condition), and target an attacking target (once again, not hard to find). The latter can target anyone, but the big flaw is that you must invest a large amount into Domination and Illusion to get the biggest effect.

    Overall, the armor-ignoring damage and degeneration of both combos are close to equal, and they require the same amount of energy. With no points in FC however, the former takes 4 seconds, while the latter takes only 2.25. Also, the former can only be repeated every 20 seconds, while the latter every 15. The former compensates though because Images is easily spammable for substantial armor ignoring damage.

    I don't mind if you compare them in respect to other skills. Overall, I want to know which one is strictly better though.

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    I wasn't being specific. I am asking this question in reference to another Burden funded build I am currently developing (very similar to my Burden Pressure build):

    Me/E Burden Degeneration

    Fast Casting 16 (12 + 1 + 3)
    Illusion Magic 13 (12 + 1) *
    Domination Magic *

    *Flexible, due to choice between the first and second combo

    Any Illusion staff with 20% HRT and a 20% Enchantment mod is perfect.

    Glyph of Lesser Energy
    Mantra of Recovery (e)
    Ethereal Burden
    Kitah's Burden
    Conjure Nightmare
    Resurrection Signet / Illusion of Weakness

    With Mantra up, and the Burden engine running, max degeneration (technically 11, but 10 visibly) can be spread amongst a surprising amount of enemies. The lack of self heal (common to the other build) is compromised in areas where Rez Signet isn't necessary by use of Illusion of Weakness.

    This skews the argument, as you can only take full advantage of the second combo if you're paying close attention, and Shatter Delusions won't be doing as much as Illusion points are much more important than Domination (in this build :P). Still would like opinions (more on the preference between the two, but in reference to this build)

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    Phantom Pain - duration 10 seconds of health degen and then deep wounds.

    Drain Delusions or Shattered Delusions = energy gain or damage to enemy.

    I like PP and then use something else.

    Why waste health degen from PP?

    Conjure Phantasm - cheaper and spamable vs Conjure Nightmare.
    CP + IoR + PP = 11 health degen, then dw.

    Perhaps Drain Delusions may be better, as you can drop some of their energy and with E. Burden and K. Burden, you'll get your e back.

    But in response to your two choices, I'd take Choice #1. E. Burden is hex#1 then IoR, then Accumulated Pain.

    Leaves Drain Delusions aviable 2nd option.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Little Hex's Avatar

    Im using this (Hex) + Images of Remorse + Accumulated Pain since i started my mesmer, its efficent anough for me , but ill have to experiment a bit.

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    I only use PP as a cover hex in illusion builds.
    For builds where I want to inflict a deep wound fast or to give the 'spike effect', I'd use accumulated.
    Spikey, spikey!

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    GWOnline.Net Member Seef II's Avatar

    Accumulated isn't really spiky with its 2-second cast time, but it's one of the two caster Deep Wounds and so you have to live with it. Oftentimes I'll actually run both Accumulated and Phantom Pain on the same bar, for more deep wounds.

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    :P I won't be able to test this build out for myself (along with it's sister pressure build) until I cap MoR. So if anyone would like to test this out for me and really determine the amount of -11 spamming possible (CN & IoR have 2.5 sec recharges!!!) while still maintaining a healthy supply of energy. And maybe throw in AC every 10 seconds or so

    Also... AC is more spiky than you think, remember that this build relies on 16 FC, which has more than just one use :) But it really doesn't matter how spiky it is, since this build isn't for quick damage, but for DoT. That doesn't mean of course that a large chunk of quick damage isn't nice >_>
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    I've moved to Phantom Pain and Drain delusions simply for more energy friendly deep woundings. Afterwards the energy gained goes back towards ineptitude and clumbiness spells for real damage.

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    I never did like accumulated pain. Phantom pain has an unconditional deep wound (meaning that even if that hex gets removed, deep wound still applies). Accumulated pain... Really, it's like half a PP. But I would go with drain delusions myself, I never put points into both Domination and Illusion, you always need some kind of self defence.

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