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    helpless Child

    massive Wintersday screenie

    January 2nd in Kamadam ID1 at 8:30 CST across from the Xinulai agents we're gonna have a massive screenshot of everyone wearing their snowman hats. If y'all want to come it's be great. bring snowman summoners. plz don't ruin it either.

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    Em today is the 3rd of January ...

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    helpless Child
    In central time it's 5:50 Januar 2nd, 2007. BTW central is GMT -6:00

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    2 people so far including myself....sitting right next to the child snowman...

    doing some other things right now so I parked it just in case it does happen and I get pulled away.

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    wow....it's 8:30....and there's 16 people......

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    Most clean one i got without someone facing the wrong way or people blocking the view. (:

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    aww i missed it :(

    im in west coast ><

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