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    Across three chapters. Which armor blends do you like?

    After having played GW for at least a year now it's been ages since I actually went and changed my armor a bit. So instead of buying a full set of armor I wanted to see how well some of the armors blended. I never really tried it in the past due to the fact alot of Necromancer armors don't blend well..At least the male versions of the armor.

    But hey..Nightfall armor blends pretty well together..Some of it at least. Anyway the point of this topic is to post some pics of your favorite armor blends. Here's two versions of one I like. To bad the Sunspear Tunic cuts into your head when standing normally though..

    Tormentor's and Sunspear Tunic.

    Necromancer and Sunspear Tunic.

    Also,while I don't have a pic another nice combination if you don't like all the feathers on Sunspear Armor is this: Sunspear Tunic,Sunspear Leggings,Istani Gloves,and Istani Boots. The boots aren't necessary,but I don't like running around barefoot personally..

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    GWOnline.Net Member Lais Irideika's Avatar

    I am surprized to see you say that necromancer armors don't mix well. IMO, necro armors are the ones that mix the most easily and with the best results. Followed closely by mesmers.

    (I like the top mix the best, btw... with different dye job, though. I would say the bottom dye job, on the top mix)

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    GWOnline.Net Member IIIPowerIII's Avatar

    FoW Chest+Glove with 15k Tormentor Legging+Boot
    FoW Chest+Glove with 15k Bonelace Legging+Boot

    Those are my favorite mix on my necro. I didnt try any of the new Elona armor but Ancient, so didnt try any mix.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lais Irideika View Post
    I like the top mix the best, btw... with different dye job, though. I would say the bottom dye job, on the top mix
    If I understood that correctly the only reason I didn't is because of the fact I can't. At least I don't know of a Blood Red dye mix that would work on the tunic.

    About the armors not mixing,I think it's because I look at the details and see bits where they don't align. Like the Tormentor's Leggings have one detail that didn't really fit with say,the normal Necromancer Tunic and etc.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Kyshen's Avatar

    I'm really fussy with my armours, I'll hardly mix any because I'll notice the differences -_-. Ilike the FoW +tormentor combo though. prophecies armours do seem to blend nicely, especially when topped off with a nice canthan facial scar.

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    ok its been too long since i last played but i still like the tyrian female 15k bonelace. it looks very nice. its kinda sad my new necro is getting the old style 15k armor and i still haven't beaten factions or nightfall yet. I really need to get crackin. I suppose i should revive my necromancer and get the old style back again.

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    FoW + Gloves and boots of the feathery armor from consulate

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