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    Is It Suppose to Take this long?

    Ok, so it already took me 4 and a half hours to install guild wars, which started at like 3000 files, and now the first town is 8,165 FILES?! What the heck?! Thats a little less then 3x the installation! Is there away around it or something? I mean jeez, Theres no way im going to be able to sit through 7 hours of lag and torment loading this..

    Can I get around it or something? Its rediculous..

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    Uh are you installing from cd or from the client downloaded from guildwars.com?

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    The CD.. but I already installed it, its just, now its loading Ascalon.. and its 8,165 files remaining

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    That sounds about right... it needs to download and decompress all the updated files...

    Try doing a fresh -image.. about 90K files to download, around 2.5 gigs.

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    Dial-Up sucks.. thisll take hours and hours and hours to finish..

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    Well, if you do a -image load, part of the time will be for downloading but the other part will be for decompressing. I don't know if the game needs to be connected to the internet at that point Anyway, the decompressing part is dependent on your computer's capacities and not on your conenction, I'd believe, but yes, it'll take hours either way. If you can, I'd suggest starting the -image load before going to bed so it's done when you wake up.

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    Try the previous suggestions and add -image to your shortcut. Right click on your GW desktop icon and add -image to the end of Gw.exe, something like:

    "C:\Program Files\Guild Wars\Gw.exe" -image

    This will download everything in one go, and decompress them. Once that's done, you should have less loading time during actual game play. Running with -image will take a long time, especially on dialup, so do it overnight or while you're at work/school. Once it's done, GW will shut down. You'll have to remove -image to play the game. An alternative is to setup two shortcuts, one for playing and one for downloading. I use this method and run -image every week or so before I do a hard drive defrag.



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    Ok, if I do the image it says 60,000 files remaining, Ill put it on while im away from my computer.

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    additional question here...

    i uninstalled the game about 9 months ago,
    after re-installing GW from the disks and downloading the files,
    any idea approximately how long it will take to decompress ??
    i'd like to avoid the -image process if possible.

    however, i've tried on 2 occasions and lost patience and time after the 1% mark

    from the look of the discussion, i can expect decompressing to take 6 hours or more on an older system, correct??
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    Do it overnight.

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