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Poll: Do you think they should add new maps to Heroes Ascent with new objectives?

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Thread: Probems with HA

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    New maps are one important part of getting HA revitalized - not the only one though (*cough* 8v8 *cough* reward system *cough*). But you could say that no change to HA would bring a significant number of players back without bringing new maps.
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    If you want 8v8, that's what GvG is for. There is currently no other 6v6 arena, and there would be no point in having 2 8v8 PvP modes, would there?

    I imagine you will all be immediately opposed to the changes this weekend, whatever you are, because you like things the way they are because you can win easily. Just remember that ArenaNet are professional game developers, and I imagine most of this forum are not.

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    They may be the game developers. But we are the ones who play the end product. And I'm sorry, but if the majority of the playerbase says that 6v6 is no fun, well then I think someone has to stand up and listen tbfh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Santax View Post

    If you want 8v8, that's what GvG is for.
    This is such an idiotic cop-out reply. I DO GvG, I'm in a GvG guild. HA is a completely different play style with different objectives. If you don't understand that then you shouldn't be replying.

    8v8 HA used to be a fun alternative to GvG; an 8v8 arena without all the stress and rage after losses. 6v6 HA is a total scrub gimmick arena, that's far too limiting to be fun for anyone who enjoyed playing balanced and winning by outplaying the other team. Currently HA matches are won by build strength, not player strength, due to the lack of utility available. This needs to change or HA will never be anything but a huge joke.

    As for 6v6, why not make TA the 6v6 arena?

    Just remember that ArenaNet are professional game developers, and I imagine most of this forum are not.
    Anet has responsibilities as a company to cater to their customer's needs. If such a large portion of the HA player base is expressing such a distaste for 6v6, then something certainly needs to be done.
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    i know theyre adding new maps but dunno if any of them gonna have new objectives

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    What a bunch of cry babies. HA was dying long before the switch to 6v6. Remember? That's the reason they switched in the first place to try to revitalize HA. Ok, so maybe 6v6 wasn't the answer to the problem. It certainly helped as it brought fresh blood into HA. Now they are trying other things to improve HA. I agree that some additional maps and content would help as well. Moving back to 8v8 is not the answer though so quit whining about it.

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    HA didnt cater killing builds that's why its is dying. What's the fun defending most of the time. Maybe ask yourself why sf/smite/fear me/iway and other similar pressure builds is so popular instead of other builds like the ones dedicated to holding. My own conclusion is that people want to actually dmg and kill to win rather than massive defense and tanking ability.

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    The evnet Showed that nothing big changed.
    Altar Maps are now Death Maps.
    Hall of Heros has 3 Options. Two of them are well known (Relict run and Death match) The Third one is a Copy of Hero Battle (Hold the Flag Stands) run.
    The new map is Burial (I am happy its back, was removed long ago) and Scared (Finally) is removed.
    Some Skill Ballance (Skill Ballance is nothing newfor old Hags).
    On first day of Event i meet alote of Old HA Players back in HA. We talked together and the most of em are playing now PVE or just quit game (they just back come back if something really big changed).
    Now they just do the same thing before event beguns. Like me they are a bit disapointed.

    I hope A-net will not do the same mistake like in the 6vs6 DOUBLE FAME event. The big rush in that event was not the 6vs6. It was the Double Fame. I know alote of PPl that gained in that event more then 2k Fame (Reaching r6 or r9 in 5 days Oo).
    I worked very Hard for my r3 r6 r9.(After reliase of Prophecie u needed to win two matches to get 1 Fame and Burial was 6vs6 so it was not easy to win the second match :D). After i got that rank every time a ..... change come up into HA in fame reward or map construction (no new maps just a few changes that made the HA easier) and every noob could reach with easy r3 r6 r9. Now iam a bit pissed. Since 1 year i am not playing alote HA. Iam so close to r 10 but to think that i will work hard for r 12 and then a change will come in Fame reward and every noob is getting r 12 is making me mad. Thats why iam waiting for another double fame event or fame change. And if there will not come a change i will not play HA.

    To get back live into HA Double Fame is needed (or changes in the Fame reward). Alote of my friends are thinking the same way like me.

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