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    Getting back into the game!

    Playing religiously at least 10 hours a week and 30 on a roll i have been having a break from guild wars since Christmas playing a variety of other games as i always have, and just giving it a miss in hope that the break would re light the fuse for my love of the game when i returned. However, just in case, is there anything else some one would suggest to get back into it? I have heard such things as going right back to prophecies and playing it again with a friend are always great ones, which i have done in the past. But perhaps there is something im missing, either way, love to hear the community response and how best to get back into the pve side of Guild Wars. :D

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    Taking a break since which Christmas, 2005 or 2006?

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    This Christmas, 2006, couldn't do it for a whole year, part of a pretty damn good pvp guild that need me :D

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    So, you took a two week break, and need advice how to get back into the game?
    Sorry, but I find that insanely funny.

    Not much have changed while you have been gone. Even the Wintersday event is still going on. So just jump right in where you left off, and it will be like you never was away.

    What parts of the game to revisit to "spark" your love again depends on what kind of player you are. Just try to go places where you can find nice people. That means staying out of the large cities as much as possible. Good luck!

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    Go and kill Rotscale, did that a couple of weeks ago with a couple of guildies, always fun :)

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    Nothing was changed. The next major skill update has not happened... yet.

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